There is a local Falun Dafa practitioner who used to study abroad in Japan. After returning home, the practitioner was abducted and detained in the Jixi City Detention Center for over a year. In August 2002, a secret trial for this practitioner was held in the Jiguan District Courthouse. Family members were not allowed to enter the courtroom, and the practitioner was not allowed to choose an attorney. Instead, the defense attorney was appointed by the court.

Another practitioner named Zhang Yujie was arrested for passing out truth-clarifying materials. The Political and Judiciary Committee of Jiguan District fined him 5000 Yuan. Zhang paid 3000 Yuan and his company supplied the other 2000 Yuan. Later, Zhang Yujie was illegally detained in the detention center for ten months. His home was ransacked, and the police extorted tens of thousands of Yuan from his family.

There was a practitioner who used the name Xiao Fei. In 2002, he was abducted by the Hengshan police, who beat him brutally for an entire night. They asked him what his name was, but he did not tell them. They beat him until his white undershirt was soaked with blood. Policemen then ripped off all his clothes, lit paper on fire and burned his body hair. After they had burned off much of the hair on his body, they threw him into the Xishan Detention Center. His scorched flesh became stuck to the wooden board he was forced to sleep on at night. It was so painful just to see his condition.

In March 2002, Wang Yahua was illegally kidnapped by police and not released until five months later. Wang Yali was kidnapped and sentenced to the Wanjia Labor Camp. The details of her situation are not clear.

In Yong'an Township of Jixi City, a teacher with the surname Liu was tortured to death in Harbin Prison. Because he went on a hunger strike, Liu was extremely weak. The evil guards in the Harbin Prison saw that he couldn't go on, so they called the Jixi City police station, 610 Office, Jidong Branch of the police department, and the Yong'an Police Station to sign the necessary forms to allow the prison to release Liu. These heartless people refused to sign, and instead force-fed the practitioner until they could force no more food into him. Liu's body was too weak to absorb the food. He was exhausted and passed away in the end. Because his family members are also being detained, it is unclear who went to claim his body.

In June 2002, it was said that Luo Gan, one of the chief perpetrators of the persecution, went to Lake Xingkai, Jixi City and stayed for a few days. Since then, all the practitioners in labor camps in that region have faced harsher persecution. After mid-August, Jixi City policemen started to persecute Dafa practitioners even more relentlessly. They kidnapped practitioners, monitored their phone calls, followed and kept watch on the practitioners as well as ransacking their homes. Many practitioners were rounded up, and many had to abandon their homes.

Fellow practitioners, please send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in other dimensions that is behind this persecution.