There are two kinds of attitudes among Dafa disciples regarding the issue of security. One is to pay little attention to the issue of security because it is considered a manifestation of the attachment of fear, and another attitude is to think that paying enough attention to security issue is to be really responsible for Dafa and fellow practitioners.

Looking at the issue without personal emotion, I feel that the second attitude is rational, objective and a purely righteous thought. In comparison, the notion that "paying attention to the issue of security is, in fact, an attachment of fear" is actually an attitude that has not discarded selfishness and fails to put Dafa and other fellow practitioners first.

Who will feel afraid if we attach importance to security? The evil! The evil hopes for us to pay little attention to the security issue so as to leave a large amount of holes for them to find and make use of. Therefore, if we genuinely put the safety of Dafa and fellow practitioners in the first place, then we should definitely not ignore security with the excuse of "discarding attachment of fear." Because there is such an issue of security in the human world, aren't we harmonizing the Fa in human level when we pay attention to the security issue? Old forces are eager to see us not attaching importance to security, and thus they can attempt to arrange for evil people to arrest us. Therefore, paying attention to the security issue is to ensure the safety of Dafa, which in itself is to deny the arrangement of old forces .