I "enlightened" along an evil path in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. After I came out, I managed to rejoin the righteous path through studying the Fa (the law of the universe) and talking to fellow practitioners. My husband interfered a lot in my contacting fellow practitioners and doing Falun Dafa work, so I opened a small shop on my own. This way, practitioners could have a place to share experiences and I could clarify the truth to customers. Every day I study the Fa, practice the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth. More and more people have come to my shop to learn the truth. My business has also became more and more profitable. However, sometimes my husband still comes and interferes with us.

One day, my sister called me and told me that five cops came to my home. In order to protect the good environment in my shop, I went back. They were searching my home when I arrived. They found two truth-clarification booklets in a drawer, so they took me to the police station.

At the police station, they asked me, "Are you still practicing Falun Gong?"

I answered loudly, "Yes. It is such a good Fa (set of principles). Why shouldn't I? Why are you arresting me? There are so many arsons and murders. Yet, you don't do investigations on those cases. Instead, you use people's money to persecute good people." Then I asked the head of the Politics and Security Department, "Answer me! Why are you arresting me?"

He knew it was illegal (the persecution of Falun Gong violates China's own constitution) to do so, so he said, "It's not me."

I said, "Even if you are not personally arresting me, you are behind all of this."

He hurriedly replied, "I'm not the one that's behind all of this. I'm just carrying out a command from the head of our bureau."

I know that currently most of the police are trying to avoid taking part in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners because they are afraid that the practitioners will remember and identify them as a head or an active member in persecuting Falun Dafa.

While in the detention center, I kept sending righteous thoughts. In my heart, I said to Teacher, "I will walk along the path that Teacher arranged for me, not the path arranged by the old forces." I remember Teacher said in the article A Suggestion, "The old forces think that a Dafa student who, out of attachments, during this period gives a written promise not to cultivate Dafa anymore has determined his own future. If it didn't truly come from his heart and was the result of coercion, and if he rejoins the Fa-rectification, then there will be greater tribulations, as tests, for him to pass."

So I said to the old forces, "Although I took a wrong path before, I have rejoined the Fa and I have had my Solemn Declaration published. Your plan of the so-called 'greater tribulations for me to pass' doesn't accord with the Fa and thus it will not be recognized. Teacher doesn't recognize that, and neither do I. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I am a disciple of the Lord of Buddhas. I am here to assist my Teacher in rectifying the Fa. I am doing the most righteous thing. You are all beings that have deviated from the Fa. You are not qualified to arrange paths for me. You are fighting against the Fa of the universe if you persecute Fa-rectification disciples. Whoever touches the Fa commits a sin."

On the sixth day, the cops interrogated three other fellow practitioners. They didn't interrogate me. Instead, they asked me to pack my things. Then the head of the Politics and Security Department came. He said, "I'm taking you. Didn't you think it was me that arrested you? Now I will personally take you home." He also told me that it was my husband that reported me.

I returned home in the car of the head of the Politics and Security Department. In front of my two kids who were home on vacation, I openly asked my husband whether he reported me. He didn't dare to tell the truth. I said to him very seriously, "I have told you the facts so many times. I only want to help you remove your vicious thoughts against Falun Dafa. I want you to have a good future. Our families and friends will look down on you for what you have done to me. Even the police thought that you had lost your mind. Besides, do you know what kind of consequences you will have to face in the future?" My two kids used to object to my talking to other practitioners, but this time they all supported me. My husband knew he was wrong. From then on, he hasn't dared to interfere anymore.

This experience made me deeply understand that as long as we can truly and completely deny the arrangements of the old forces, we will be able to travel the most righteous path arranged by Teacher.