Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Mengye was forcibly sent to a brainwashing class at Huangpu Drug Rehabilitation Center on May 18, 2002. He has been inhumanly tortured there in a variety of ways.

The Huangpu brainwashing class is a place where the "610 Office" in Guangzhou [ the "610 Office" is an agency created specifically to persecute Falun Dafa, with authority over all branches of the government including the Judiciary, military, police, municipal and regional governments] persecutes Dafa practitioners, employing thugs and hoodlums to do so.

In the brainwashing class, there is one practitioner per room, who is under constant surveillance. The thugs force Dafa practitioners to watch videos defaming Dafa every day and do not allow them to talk to each other. After watching the videos, Dafa practitioners are forced to write essays to defame Dafa. Practitioners who refuse to watch the videos or write the essays are pushed on the ground and brutally tortured. They also beat practitioners' heads with broomsticks and metal locks, causing serious injuries. They also torture practitioners if they are not satisfied with their "homework." They force practitioners to bow at 90 degrees for a long time, and if they cannot make it, they are beaten.

They persecute practitioners that refuse to compromise at all even more harshly. They often either deny the practitioners water or just give them a little bit each day. They also do not let the practitioners bathe or even sleep for days at a time. They even strip female practitioners and torture them, and drag them by their hair and pull it off at the root. They torture male practitioners more cruelly, clamping them with metal clips and attacking the most vulnerable parts of their bodies. Some practitioners were continuously tortured for more than 30 hours and left with bruises everywhere on their bodies. [Female practitioner Li Xiaojing, a 30-year-old instructor from Guangzhou University, died at this brainwashing center on June 28, 2002 from the police brutality.]

If practitioners refuse to compromise, the thugs fill up the toilet bowl with water. Then they cuff practitioners' hands behind their backs and push their heads into the water. They sometimes also fill a bucket with water and lift practitioners upside down by their ankles. The practitioners' heads are dunked in the water repeatedly. They would shout: "I won't let you die, I want you to live out a fate worse than dying."

If practitioners conduct hunger strikes, then sometime after midnight of the second or the third night of the hunger strike, the thugs start the force-feeding. They tie practitioners to a chair and force-feed them with things like water with chili peppers and alcohol. (Falun Gong practitioners do not drink alcohol.) Sometimes they force-feed the practitioners through their noses.

They do not beat people during daytime. They start to torture Dafa practitioners at around midnight. At midnight, it is chilling to hear the sounds of torture mixed with the practitioners' screams.

Some Dafa practitioners have given in under the torture. Zhang Mengye is one of them. Zhang Mengye wrote statements that did not conform to Dafa after he was not allowed to sleep for several consecutive days, brutally tortured, force-fed with water with chili peppers, and hung upside down and dunked in cold water. When a person's main consciousness is not clear, his actions do not speak for his true intent.

The head of the local "610 Office" and leader of the brainwashing class is Wang Youcheng. The leader of the thugs is Qiu Chaohua.