(Clearwisdom.net) A female practitioner, a retiree, went to Beijing to appeal in 1999 and was illegally held in a Beijing detention center. Before she went to jail, police searched her and found a Falun badge and the book, Essentials for Further Advancement, which she always carried with her. She explained to the two policemen, "The reason that I practice Falun Gong is that I had diseases before and could not be cured. After I practiced cultivation, all my diseases were cured. I guard my Xinxing [heart-mind nature] according to Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, which benefits both individuals and society. This book is more important than my life." After the police listened and considered her words, they said, "Then we will return it to you when you leave." She said, "Then, write me a receipt, because what can I do if I cannot find you when I leave." The police thought it over and said, "Then just put it in your bag (the bag was deposited in the police office)." So, the book was left in her bag.

Several days later, police from her hometown came to take her and other practitioners back home for detention there. While she was searched, she sent righteous thoughts and asked Teacher to protect the book so it would not be discovered. The book was not found and she was able to take it with her into the detention center. Another detained practitioner had a copy of Zhuan Falun. Practitioners in several cells passed them around, studying them. Everyone cherished the two books greatly. Later, when she was transferred to a labor camp, she left the copy of Essentials for Further Advancement with the practitioners in the detention center. She continued to send forth righteous thoughts and successfully took with her a stack of hand-written copies of Teacher's articles (more than 10) which her fellow practitioners had given her into the labor camp. They were passed around and recited in the labor camp. After experiencing forced brainwashing and torture for more than 2 years, she was finally released from the labor camp openly and nobly, steadfast in her firm belief. With much effort, she safely brought out truth-clarification material that her fellow practitioners had written in the labor camp. She emerged with a deep understanding that Dafa disciples can send out strong lights of truth that terrify the evil.

September 5, 2002