My name is Ah Xin, and I am 53 years old. I have been a practitioner of Falun Dafa since 1996.

When I was 26 and had just given birth, my congenital heart disease became serious. I had a serious blood shortage in the brain and my lowest blood pressure was only 30-60. I felt so weak that I wasn't even able to open my eyes. I had to stay in bed all day and was unable to take care of myself. I was also diagnosed with four tumors. The doctor suggested operations. From age 26 to 47, I came close to death several times. I went to the best hospitals and took the best medicine, but nothing seemed to work. I even tried fortune telling, manito dancing [Indigenous People's tribal dancing used to summon supernormal powers, similar to witchcraft], burning incense, worshiping Buddha, and Qigong massage. None of these methods worked, either. I borrowed large amounts of money to pay for these treatments, which put me in deep debt. I felt that my life was hopeless. During this long period of time, my entire family suffered due to my illness. I even thought of committing suicide.

In February of 1996, my husband traveled to Changchun and learned Falun Dafa. My husband called me and told me with indescribable happiness, "You have hope now. I obtained the universal Dafa. My Teacher's name is Li Hongzhi. This is a cultivation way of both mind and body." My husband brought back Zhuan Falun. When I first heard Lunyu, [statement of comments in Zhuan Falun]

" 'The Buddha Fa' is most profound; among all the theories in the world, it is the most intricate and extraordinary science. In order to explore this domain, humankind must fundamentally change its conventional thinking. Otherwise, the truth of the universe will forever remain a mystery to humankind, and everyday people will forever crawl within the boundary delimited by their own ignorance."

After reading this, I could not stop my tears. I thought that this is what I have been looking for all my life. I decided to become a practitioner. Teacher said,

"It is because a practitioner is most precious, for he or she wants to practice cultivation. Therefore, developing this thought is most precious. In Buddhism, people talk about Buddha-nature. When a person's Buddha-nature emerges, the enlightened beings are able to help him." (Zhuan Falun) "Perhaps everyone has heard this statement in Buddhism: 'When one's Buddha-nature emerges, it will shake the world of ten directions.'áWhoever sees it will come to give a hand and help this person out unconditionally." (Zhuan Falun)

I then started to practice on my bed. Then a miracle happened. After only three days of practicing practice, I was able to open my eyes easily. On the 13th day, I was able to walk to the group practice site on my own to join the fellow practitioners to practice the exercises and study the Fa together.

Teacher says,

"We will purify their bodies and enable them to practice cultivation toward high levels. There is a transition at the lowest level of cultivation practice, and this is to purify your body completely. All of the bad things on your mind, the karmic field surrounding your body, and the elements that make your body unhealthy will be cleaned out. If they are not cleaned out, how can you, with such an impure, dark body and a filthy mind, practice cultivation toward a higher level?" (Zhuan Falun) "Due to karma resulting from past wrongdoing, one has illnesses or tribulations; suffering is repaying a karmic debt, and thus nobody can casually change this." (Zhuan Falun)

After hearing this, I understood why people have illnesses and suffering. I became determined to study Fa and cultivate my xinxing [heart/mind nature]. Soon after, I started experiencing my karma being eliminated and had a headache and felt dizzy. I also felt some black and hair-like matter (karma) being expelled out of my body. After experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, chest pain, breathing difficulty, and angina my health miraculously became better. Since the first time I got ill at age 26, I had not menstruated for 21 years. But after I obtained the Fa at age 47, miraculously, I began to have my menstrual cycle again. Now at age 53, my menstrual cycle is functioning regularly every month. This is just one indication that I am becoming younger and healthier. Teacher also did Guanding [pouring energy into the top of one's head] for me many times. When I was sleeping, a warm current suddenly came down from the top of my head and went through my whole body. I was able to eat well and sleep well afterwards. Before practicing, I was so skinny that bones could almost be seen under my skin, and I had wrinkles all over my face. After practicing, however, I have less wrinkles and my skin has become delicate and reddish white. I also gained weight. My previously gray hair has become dark again. If I had not been practicing Falun Dafa, I might have died already. I deeply feel Teacher's great virtue. My gratitude toward Teacher is beyond words. I truly thank Teacher for saving me.

After obtaining Dafa, I introduce it wherever I go. Person to person, heart to heart, one person introduces it to ten people and ten introduce it to one hundred. A relative of mine was in the late stage of cancer of the uterus. The hospital had given up on her. I gave her Zhuan Falun and Essentials For Further Advancement. Then she also became a practitioner. Now her cancer is gone and she is very healthy. Many of my friends and relatives have become healthy after they practiced Dafa. There is one person who had intestinal cancer. He was also was diagnosed with no hope for a cure and was waiting to die. He started to read the Fa in the hospital everyday and the cancer went into remission as each day passed. The doctors all felt very surprised. I also went to the senior citizen centers to spread the Fa to seniors no matter how bad the weather was. I taught them the exercises and bought books for them as presents. I also bought warm clothes, socks and shoes for those practitioners with financial difficulties. I have been to urban areas, townships, factories, and villages to spread the Fa door to door. I have also received phone calls from people in other provinces, asking about my story. I would explain to them everything in detail.

Teacher eliminated the karma for me and purified my body. He also did guanding for me many times and opened my Celestial Eye. I study the Fa and practice daily, which brought me from being seriously ill to completely healthy. Four tumors have disappeared without a trace. My weight doubled from 35 kg to 70 kg. My blood pressure is now 90/120 from the previous 30/60. The Dean, doctors, nurses and ward mates in the hospital all thought that I should have died by now. When my husband and I went out and meet with them, they all said to my husband, "Congratulations! Congratulations for marrying a new bride." My husband explained, "No, I did not marry a new bride. It is Falun Gong that gave her a new life." Indeed, Teacher gave me a second life. Dafa saved my whole family. I feel like the luckiest and the happiest person in the world.

I am determined to firmly cultivate Dafa, practice diligently and advance forward until Consummation. Thank you, Teacher!

September 9, 2002