On August 27, 2002, five more Falun Gong practitioners in Chicheng County were illegally sentenced to labor camps or jail. The five practitioners are Liang Ying (sentenced to five years in prison), Lao Guanghe (sentenced to four years), Zhao Shihua, Zhou Yumei (both given three year labor camp re-education sentences), and Wang Haojun (received a two year labor camp re-education sentence).

The Chicheng County Party Chief Qiu Jianguo and the Political & Judiciary Committee Secretary Yao Xiangbin never act according to the law. They use their political power as the law. They were the ones who ordered the Chicheng county police to arrest the five above-mentioned Falun Gong Practitioners.

Please, all practitioners around the world, send forth righteous thoughts to help those illegally sentenced practitioners get out of prisons as soon as possible.