(Clearwisdom.net) Li Hongjun is a Dafa practitioner in Benxi City, Liaoning Province. He was illegally sentenced to three years of forced-labor re-education after he went to Beijing to appeal against the persecution of Falun Gong. He was detained at Weining Labor Camp and forced to go through brainwashing sessions during his detention. After he was released and put under house arrest in September 2001, the deputies from the labor camp and the police from the Wolong Police Station repeatedly harassed him. The Wolong police even illegally broke into his house without a warrant, attempting to arrest him. The police threatened and coerced his family, forcing Li Hongjun to become destitute and homeless.

In the evening of May 12, 2002 Li Hongjun and several other Dafa practitioners went to Liaohua Village to post truth-clarification pictures. Unknown to them, the police were in a stakeout nearby. The police took them away and locked them up at the Liaoyang Detention Center. Li Hongjun and other Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest the evil persecution. They had been in detention for more than four months but the police refused to allow their family to visit them. Their situation is not clear at this time. Furthermore, several other Dafa practitioners including Li Hongshu and Peng were displaced from their home because of their resolute resolve in practicing Falun Gong. They went missing recently from the Shenyang area and their whereabouts are unknown.

At about 2:30 a.m. on August 7, 2002, the Pianling Town police, with hired hoodlums, illegally broke into several Dafa practitioners' homes. They brutally beat and kidnapped eight Dafa practitioners that night, including Wang Shuqin, Ma Yuyan, Qin Baoxiang, and several others whose names were not available as the time of this writing. Currently they are being detained at the Weining Labor Camp in Benxi City. Below are detailed accounts of persecution of Dafa practitioners by the Wolong Town police in Benxi, Liaoning Province.

1. Wolong Town police forcefully kidnapped Dafa practitioner Liu Zhonge and ransacked her home. She was illegally sentenced to three years of forced-labor. She is currently undergoing forced brainwashing sessions at the infamous Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. The Wolong Town police extorted money from her husband and forced him to pay for the police's meal expenses at nearby restaurants.

2. Wolong Town police illegally broke into the home of Dafa practitioner Liu Guizhen and interrogated her right in her home. Then in broad daylight they kidnapped her and took her away in the police car. Liu Guizhen was later sentenced to three years of force labor. She was sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for brainwashing sessions. More outrageously, she was ridiculously charged with "disrupting the public order."

3. One day the Wolong Town police burst into the home of Dafa practitioner Liu Yuwen. They left after a while, cursing endlessly since they could not find anything after ransacking her house.

4. The Wolong police unlawfully searched and ransacked the home of Dafa practitioner Wang Guihua. The police also tried to force her to sign an affidavit to give up her belief in Dafa.

5. An elderly Dafa practitioner Kang was kidnapped by the Wolong Town police and sentenced to forced-labor re-education without any trial or legal procedure. Kang was being detained at the Weining Labor Camp and forced to undergo brainwashing sessions.

6. Dafa practitioner Zhang Xueqin distributed truth-clarifying CDs while selling produce at the farmer's market. The police took her away, detaining her at the Dabailou Detention Center.

7. Wolong Town police kidnapped Dafa practitioner Zhang, who was a teacher at the Wolong 34th Middle School. Zhang was illegally detained at the Dabailou Detention Center for half a month.

The Wolong Town police have repeatedly harassed and persecuted Dafa practitioners in Wolong Town of Benxi City from April 25 to July 20 this year. We appeal to all Dafa practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts in unison and eradicate all evil factors that persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners in other dimensions. Reinforce the righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners currently under detention so that they can obtain their release with dignity and honor.