(Clearwisdom.net) In the morning of July 19, 2002, police arrested Dafa practitioner Zhi Guixiang from Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province while she was walking in the street. A week later, on July 27, Zhi Guixiang was tortured to death by Zhu Zhishan, among others, from Luuyuan District Police Department in Changchun City.

Following are the details:

Zhi Guixiang, female, 31 years old, was a resident of Daling Town, Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province. During the morning of July 19, 2002, the police illegally arrested Zhi Guixiang. On July 20, a fellow practitioner saw Zhi Guixiang in the Zhengyang police station of Luuyuan District Police Department. She was said to be in poor physical condition and had little strength to talk. She told fellow practitioners that she had suffered internal injuries from being beaten.

On July 25, Zhi Guixiang was on the verge of death. In the afternoon, Zhu Zhishan, the person who handled this case, went to Zhi Guixiang's parents' home in Daling Township, Gongzhuling City and told them about Zhi Guixiang's arrest, but he didn't mention the tortures and the fact that she was on the verge of death. Zhi Guixiang's mother requested to see her daughter. Zhu Zhishan said, "That is not going to happen. You can't see her."

On July 27, Zhi Guixiang was tortured to death but the police did not notify her family. Later, Zhu Zhishan claimed that she died from a hunger strike in the China and Japan Fellowship Hospital. When Zhi Guixiang's family went to the hospital, no one could find Zhi Guixiang's medical records.

On July 31, without Zhi Guixiang family's knowledge, Zhi Guixiang's body was secretly cremated in the Shuangfeng Crematory. The cremation certificate showed the trustee to be Zhu Zhishan, the case handler, but Zhi Guixiang's family was not aware of any of these circumstances until half a month later.

On August 13th and 14th, Zhi Guixiang's parents went to find Zhu Zhishan twice and demanded information about her whereabouts. Zhu Zhishan blatantly lied and said, "Zhi Guixiang ran away." He even turned around and inquired about her from Zhi's parents and cursed at them. On August 15, Zhi's family discovered Zhu Zhishan's signature on Zhi Guixiang's cremation certificate form at the Shuangfeng Crematory, and Zhu Zhishan finally admitted to the facts.

This is yet another tragic death as a direct result of the brutal campaign of persecution. According to what we have learned so far, the Luuyuan District Police Department in Changchun City, the Zhengyang police station, and the case handler Zhu Zhishan, are directly responsible.

On August 15, when Zhi's mother first learned that her daughter was tortured to death, she could not hold back her fury and anguish. She ran into Zhu Zhishan's office and cried, "Did you cremate her? How could you cremate her? Why did you cremate her without an autopsy? If your family member died, would you cremate her so quickly? Did you beat her to death and you cremated her out of fear for an autopsy? I'll sue you! My Guixiang did not starve to death, you beat her to death, or you killed her with drugs. You are too vicious! It's not wrong to practice Falun Gong!" In response, Zhu Zhishan shouted, "Go and sue me whenever you want. I'm not afraid! The government made me do this."

People who participated in the persecution of Zhi Guixiang, if you have a bit of conscience left, please think about it: do you not have a wife or husband, parents and children?

Zhi Guixiang was 31 years old, with elderly parents and a daughter who is less than 10 years old. You tortured to death a good person who merely persisted in cultivating Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. Where is your humanity? You say that the government ordered you to do this, but if the government ordered you to murder your innocent friends, what would you do? Evil will never triumph over good! For the past three years, don't you already have a clear idea of what kind of people Dafa practitioners are? Don't you know that Dafa is innocent? Don't you feel guilty and troubled for being such irrational murderers of Dafa practitioners on behalf of the ruling regime? Dafa practitioners have great compassion and tolerance; they try to awaken your conscience with their blood and even their lives, so you can stop doing wrong before it's too late, so that you can avoid the horrifying ending of being thrown into the gates of no-life.

During the period from July 19, the date of her arrest, to July 27, the day she passed away, Zhi Guixiang kept upholding Dafa's dignity with her diamond-like, determined mind, and she protected other practitioners. On July 20, a fellow practitioner saw that Zhi Guixiang was tortured severely in the Zhengyang police station. Zhi Guixiang said to the fellow practitioner, "I didn't say a word." Police officers from a local police station in Daling area who knew the story said, "We used all kinds of torture on her, but she never said a word." During this time, Zhi Guixiang always promoted the Fa to people around her with benevolence, including the police who tortured her. According to reports, Zhi Guixiang said "Dafa is good" right before she passed away.

For a period of time, Zhi Guixiang was forced to leave home to avoid illegal arrest, but she maintained her firm faith in Dafa. After the incident of tapping into the cable TV took place in Changchun City, Zhi Guixiang was arrested and detained in the No. 3 Detention Center in Shuangyang City, but she broke out of the demon's den after holding a hunger strike for more than 20 days. After she walked out, the first thing that came to her mind was, "After the TV airing, the truth clarification work in Changchun City suffered serious damage. I really want to do something for Dafa right now."