I am a Falun Dafa cultivator. My Celestial Eye is open so I am able to see other dimensions. The night I read Master Li's new poem, I had a dream. In the dream I heard, "There is one level of heaven to be eliminated." I woke up immediately and raised my palm in an upright position to send forth righteous thoughts.

In the second chapter of Zhuan Falun, Master says, "What is Precognition and Retrocognition? It is that someone is able to tell another person's future and past. With a strong capability, one is able to tell the rise and fall of a society. With a greater capability, one can see the law of all cosmic changes. This is the supernormal ability of Precognition and Retrocognition." I knew that I had been in that level of heaven and had gotten along well with those lives in that level. Now they were kneeling down to beg me to save them. I burst into tears and said to them: "Master told you not to interfere with Dafa. Why did you not listen to him? The great Master is so benevolent and gives you opportunities again and again, waiting for you. You do not listen to him. Now, if you want to beg for mercy, go to Master." Of course they did not have the courage to face Master. I began reciting the formula to rectify the Fa. Within half an hour, that level of heaven was cleaned and assimilated.

Several minutes after four o'clock the next morning, I entered that level of heaven again in my dream. All the old things were gone, and everything was renewed. I came back to the human world and looked at the sky out my window. My tears flowed ceaselessly as I thought of how my level of heaven was eliminated because I had not done well.

Before, when I clarified the truth about Falun Dafa, the lives in that level of heaven refused to listen to or believe me. I thought, "Let the Fa-rectification finish quickly so that these lives can see the truth about Falun Gong." Now I have a different understanding. Now I think it is better not to wish for the Fa-rectification to finish, so that we can hurry up and save more sentient beings.

I hope that fellow practitioners will make good use of the time and do what a Dafa disciple should to establish their own mighty virtue and return to Master with benevolence and forbearance.