The "Legal Education Center" is another place for the "610 Office," (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) in Hubei Province to systematically persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Here the lawless officials employ various kinds of torture to persecute practitioners.

Wang, a female practitioner of Central China Normal University, was persecuted to death. She resolutely refused to write "the Statement to Denounce Falun Gong," hence she was brutally persecuted in the brainwashing class, which led to mental disorders. Yet the police refused to release her and further threatened that they would send her to the Shayang Labor Camp. Later her husband, who is a professor in Central China Normal University, took her home. Seeing the extent of his wife's condition, he could only repeatedly utter: "It's terrible, it's terrible." Sometime later, people in her local community were informed that she jumped from a high building and died. Her husband was in great sorrow after the tragedy, yet there is no one that he can appeal to.

The following facts are only a fraction of the ongoing crimes being perpetrated by the current regime:

  1. The guards would grab the hands of practitioners to forcibly make them sign the "Statement to Denounce Falun Gong," and then claim that practitioners have signed the statement voluntarily. Once, two to three of them grabbed the hand of one practitioner to sign. They failed. Then they bragged about their viciousness, "This is nothing. Once six of us grabbed the hand of one female practitioner and forced her to sign. She even fainted."
  2. The police used all kinds of vicious and nasty words towards practitioners. Often 6 to 7 policemen would surround one practitioner and curse the practitioner. The practitioners are not allowed to close their eyes. When the practitioners got sleepy they would open their eyelids using force. Male supervisors often grab female practitioners and sexually harass them.
  3. One practitioner accidentally found out that the guards designed programs involving a series of abuses specific to each Falun Gong practitioner. They also collect the personal facts of practitioners' private life to harass them. For example: Some practitioners were divorced, so they would emotionally and mentally torment him, saying that they have mental problems, etc.
  4. They threaten to send those who will not give up their belief in Dafa directly to Shayang Labor Camp.
  5. They say that Beijing authorities know about the tortures they apply to practitioners and they are not afraid of any consequences.

Main criminals in the Brainwashing Class:

Bi Huiqiong, female, 39-year old, Officer in Shayang Labor Camp
Tian Ming, male, in his 40s, Officer in Shayang Labor Camp
Zhang, Political Committee Member,
Jiang, Party Secretary of Shayang Labor Camp

"Helpers" (former practitioners who have given up their belief in Dafa and enlightened along an evil path):

He Qing, Yang Huizhen, Peng Chunlan, Ji Tongli, Wang Lidi, Xu Hongchi, Yue Lei, Zhang Peng, Li Baozhi, Wang Jiangang, He Changfen

Telephone of the Education Center of Laws: 86-27-87821942
Telephone of the Hubei Province "610 Office": 86-27-87233234

September 4 2002