"This is why each Dafa disciple needs to realize the importance of clarifying the truth. This, more than anything, is what you should do with all your effort, and it's the most magnificent. The salvation of sentient beings and the Consummation of cosmic bodies that correspond to you are all part of this. Every single Dafa disciple needs to do this. Don't miss a single opportunity" ("Teaching the Fa at Washington D.C. Fa Conference").

The following are my actions in clarifying the truth. I would like to share my experiences with my fellow practitioners, and to do a better job in truth clarification work.

I. Don't Miss a Single Opportunity

My solution is to clarify the truth at all times and at all places. I spend about two hours clarifying the truth at the busiest places near my home every day after sending forth righteous thoughts at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. I also look for opportunities of clarifying the truth at other times of the day. It could be on the streets, at the grocery stores or department stores, at the government offices or schools, at the doors of detention centers, at 610 offices (An agency specifically created to persecuteáFalun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems), and on the bus or train. I do not miss the opportunity to clarify the truth to anyone I come into contact with.

II. Let Go of Fear and Anxiety. Always Look Within.

One time, I clarified the truth to a vendor at a wholesale market, but he couldn't accept it. Seven or eight people joined him to argue against me. The harder I worked in explaining the truth to them, the less willing they were to accept it. I felt as if I was losing my confidence as more and more people crowded around. At this point, I calmed down and thought twice: because I was afraid that undercover police could be hidden in such a crowd of people, I was eager to get it over with and leave as soon as possible. My anxiety had arisen out of fear. That is why I lost my confidence. But these people don't know the truth. I should explain it to them clearly even though there might have been undercover police in the crowd. With this righteous thought, the situation instantly changed. A young man walked out from the crowd and said, "The camera caught the whole process of the self-immolation incident. How could the reporters have arrived at the scene so quickly? It is no doubt that the incident is set-up." Other people all agreed. I continued to clarify the truth and the people were willing to accept it this time.

III. Let Go of Selfishness. Clarify the Truth With Wisdom.

One time, I went to run an errand at my husband's workplace. I understood that the real reason for my trip was to help the people there attain salvation. I took advantage of this opportunity. I asked our Teacher to help create a truth-clarification environment. I found that over a hundred people were having lunch in the dining hall at lunch hour. It was a perfect chance! "How can I get started?" I asked myself. It hit me that our Teacher told us to clarify the truth with wisdom. I thought that I could start with my husband's misunderstanding of me and let his colleagues judge which side is right. My second thought was, "Can my husband bear it?" This was a selfish thought according to the Fa. It was worth my husband's embarrassment to save over a hundred people. I gave a heshi (both hands pressed together in front of the chest; a gesture to show respect) to greet everybody. Then I began, "My friends, we all have parents and family. It is parents' responsibility to educate children. My husband blamed our child's misbehavior on me, saying it was because I didn't take care of him for half a year. I have benefited from Falun Gong physically and spiritually. However, I was detained for half a year just because I said something true about Falun Gong. I wanted to take care of my child, but the persecution prevented me from doing so. Is it my fault?" I continued with truth-clarification and said at last, "For my child's sake, please help me to advise my husband." At this time, my husband was about to call the police out of his anger. I said, "Go ahead. I will wait here," but he was stopped by his colleagues. I left the dining hall and went to clarify the truth at a smaller dining hall for office level cadres and three dining places nearby. Under our Teacher's protection, I had very nice talks with people. They listened to me and asked me many questions. I returned home safe after two and a half hours.

IV. Clarify the Truth During Crisis

I was able to escape from the mental hospital where I was detained. I was forced to become homeless, and I eventually returned to the apartment I rented. One afternoon, local police surrounded my building and insisted on breaking in to arrest me. The locksmith tried unlock it, but I refused to open the door and locked it from inside. I also sent forth my righteous thought to eliminate the evil field around them. Both sides refused to give in. I held on until 6:15 the next morning. I suddenly remembered that our Teacher told us that the evil is most afraid of being exposed. I told my son to guard the door or watch the lock, and then I went to the balcony to expose their evil behavior to the passersby using a paper-made speaker. I shouted, "Hello, folks, please tell me which one is wrong. The police violated the law themselves. For no reason, they are trying to break into my home. They are infringing upon citizen's rights and persecuting innocent people. I am a good schoolteacher. The only reason I have been persecuted was for my practice of Falun Gong, a cultivation system for better health and higher moral standards. Where is the justice?" More and more people gathered in front of my building. Even some policemen came to listen to me. I went back to have a short rest, and went out to expose the evil again at 7 a.m. Then I went inside to study the Fa. The police chief knocked on my door, claiming that he would engage in a peaceful negotiation with me. He said, "I am just doing my duty and checking on residents. There is no other way for me to do this." I knew it was his excuse and I couldn't be fooled. I told him my name. He brought my boss over to check on me while I stood on the balcony. The great Fa showed its power and expelled the evil as I continued to clarify the truth and to expose their evil behavior, and as my fellow practitioners sent forth their righteous thought together for me (I called to tell them what was happening). After 24 hours of being besieged, I was able to walk out of my door free. This experience broadened my view of truth clarification.

My fellow practitioners, this is the only time of Fa-rectification in this universe. For a practitioner, this is the only opportunity after thousands of years of waiting. This is also an opportunity for the people in this world to learn the truth. If we can save a master or a king, we are saving countless sentient beings! Our Teacher told us, "Every person you come into contact with in society is someone to clarify the truth to." (Essentials for Further Advancement II, "To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference") Fellow practitioners, be diligent. Don't miss this chance! Let's shred apart the evil's lies with the truth, release all our attachments and welcome the Fa-rectification's arrival in the human world!

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly correct anything inappropriate.