In recent months, a string of criminal acts have occurred in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, pushing the crime rate up significantly. The public security branches however, continue to follow the dictator's orders, and mainly target kind-hearted Dafa practitioners to be persecuted.

Late at night on August 20, the Jiamusi City Police Department formed a large contingent and sealed off a small residential area. They searched the houses one by one. If any resident did not immediately open the door, they smashed the door down, or used the master key to open the door. The policemen barged through the door of a Falun Dafa practitioner's home and illegally searched and confiscated the practitioner's belongings. They also kidnapped the practitioner. The police then extorted 5 or 6 thousand Yuan from the practitioner's relatives for the release. They also threatened the family members not to expose their acts.

In Jiamusi, often the police will illegally barge into residential homes, search for, abduct, and send Falun Dafa practitioners to a labor camp. They regularly harass, threaten, bully, and extort money from Falun Gong practitioners' families, relatives, friends, and workplaces. In the Yonghong District, the police illegally entered and ransacked the home of elderly Falun Gong practitioner, Wang Shuxin, who was at home alone, and kidnapped her to a labor camp. At the same time, a color TV, refrigerator, and all valuables in the home were stolen. There was another practitioner who suffered from this kind of persecution many times, and has become destitute and homeless for a very long time. This practitioner's family members and friends were also victims of police harassment. The mother of the practitioner, who is almost eighty years old, became scared to death, and extremely agitated whenever she heard any sound at the door. Later, to our surprise, the police again used the master key and illegally broke into the homes of residents after midnight. The homes of neighbors who did not practice Falun Gong were also broken into.

The so-called "People's Public Security Department" is even more reckless than ordinary robbers!

After July 20 of 1999, Sun Dongli, Director General of Construct Bureau, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, forced four practitioners in his work place to give up practicing Falun Dafa by using several methods such as confiscating their Dafa books, forced brainwashing classes, and close monitoring, etc. Because a practitioner went to Beijing to validate the Fa, the family members of the practitioner were pressured by Sun Dongli along with the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] and the Public Security Bureau. The practitioner was forcibly admitted into a mental hospital on two occasions, and persecuted there for about 40 days. The practitioner also lost her party membership, lost her job, and was given no salary for living expenses.

In March 2001, Sun Dongli feared that this Dafa practitioner would go to Beijing, so he ordered his assistants, Sun Ying and Ge Yuhui, to organize four co-workers to go to the practitioner's home each day to "keep watch." The Dafa practitioner used this chance to introduce Falun Dafa to these people. After a few days, the colleagues who had learned the truth refused to watch the practitioner any longer. Sun Ying and Ge Yuhui were the only ones left to report to Sun Dongli each day. Sun Dongli and his assistants then organized the town's "610 Office," along with the Public Security Department to kidnap the practitioner and send her to a labor camp.

One day, on her way to capture the practitioner, Sun Ying fell and broke her arm. She was sent home from work for several months. Presently, Sun Ying is suffering from throat cancer. She had surgery in May, and now her 140-kilogram body has been reduced to 100 kg.

We advise Sun Dongli, the Director General, and all relevant personnel: Falun Dafa is righteous; cherishing Dafa is cherishing your own life. Don't follow the dictator's will to persecute Falun Dafa. The universal principle is true that evil is met with karmic retribution.

Telephone numbers of relevant persons:

Director General:
Sun Dongli:
Office: 86-454-8677329
Home: 86-454-8226803

Assistant. Director Generals:
Li Yonggang:
Office: 86-454-8676678
Home: 86-454-8249548

Chen Jin:
Office: 86-454-8225396
Home: 86-454-8677848

Wu Qingzhi:
Office: 86-454-8653488
Home: 86-454-8222678

Sun Ying:
Daytime: 86-21-64057133
Nighttime: 86-21-64460218
Cell: 8613661578986

Ge Yuhui:
Office: 86-454-8248694
Home: 86-454-8694138