Lawyers plead, "Dafa practitioners are not guilty..."

In the past, lawyers representing Dafa practitioners in court usually entered guilty pleas for practitioners out of fear of getting in trouble themselves. In a few recent court cases, the lawyers representing Dafa practitioners were about to defend the cases in a similar manner. However, the strong upright energy field from all Dafa practitioners present in the court, and the defendants' dignified behavior throughout the court sessions seemed to have a strong effect on the lawyers representing the Dafa practitioners. Putting it in terms of a practitioner's language--the fearless and undaunted spirit of the practitioners, the dignified and selfless attitude, and the compassion the practitioners have for the sentient beings awakened the good side of the lawyers, and they entered a "not guilty" plea to all the charges against their defendants.

We wish the nine lawyers who represented the Dafa practitioners a bright future.

"Her children didn't care, the government didn't care, but Falun Gong cared..."

Not long ago, an elderly woman who lived in Qichun County, Hubei Province died of an illness. Her children, who are all working out of town, did not want to come back to take care of the funeral. The matter was brought to the attention of the local authorities, who also turned a blind eye to the whole affair. As the weather was hot and a dead person could not be left unburied, a Dafa practitioner voluntarily offered his service and paid for all the necessary funeral expenses. His action had a great impact on the morale of the whole village. After that, everyone said, "The woman's children didn't care, the government didn't care, but Falun Gong cared..."

It would definitely be against my conscience...

A playwright visited a certain town to write a play about all the bad things he heard about Falun Gong. On arrival, he first paid a visit to an old friend of his in the town, who said, "Don't you dare to write anything bad against Falun Gong practitioners. They are an innocent group. Our town, even the town mayor, has great respect for them. Let me tell you a few incidences:

  • We had a poor harvest in the last few years and all farmers had great difficulty paying their contribution (In China, farmers need to turn in portions of their harvest to the state). Despite their hardship, all farmer practitioners continued to pay fully their contribution, knowing very well that if every one refused to pay, the party cadres would suffer for not being able to submit their collection to the state. Hence, the party cadres often highly commend these Falun Gong practitioners.
  • Our town produces cotton. Every year in the past, the cotton submitted to the state was of a very poor quality. It was dirty and had water in it. On the other hand, all produce from Falun Gong practitioners was clean and dry. Hence, cotton collected from Falun Gong practitioners was always exempted from inspection.
  • My brother drives a bus. He often praises Falun Gong practitioners highly for their conduct. He said that they do not have to be told to buy tickets when getting on a bus. They are orderly, observe regulations, and voluntarily offer seats to other passengers.

Just because of their belief, the Falun Gong practitioners are now being persecuted and end up with broken homes. Don't you dare write anything bad about these people!"

After listening, the writer replied, "It would definitely be against my conscience to write anything bad about them."