A happy familyFather and daughter,no more being togetherWhere is Dad?

Chen Chengyong was detained for appealing in Beijing. After he was released, the local police, his workplace and residents' committee harassed and threatened him in turn, but he was still cheerful. Even though his father's (Chen) feet were too swollen to walk, he was also happy. The "610 Office" (An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) wondered: "What's wrong with this family?" They strengthened the surveillance and increased the frequency of their threats.

However, the fellow practitioners knew the joy of expecting a baby made the family forget their pain and the persecution. Chen pointed at his swollen feet and said: "This is the eighth time. Every time I am getting better after the swollen areas disappear. I have uremia; if I did not practice Falun Gong, I wouldn't be here today, not to mention carry my grandchild." The future dad, Chen Chengyong said: "No matter whether it is a boy or girl, he/she is coming to gain the Fa. The Fa will save him/her, so let's call him/her Fadu (means "saved by the Fa").

Little Fadu arrived; she looked very much like her dad. She was very lucky: grandfather liked her, and her mom and dad loved her.

Her father had to leave home because the "610 Office" continuously escalated the persecution. Her grandfather was threatened and pressured to answer questions by the "610 Office" day and night. The retired grandfather was too scared to stay at home in the daytime, and didn't dare to pick up the telephone when it rang when he returned home at night. After a while, the news spread that Chen Chengyong had been tortured to death. Soon after, grandfather collapsed and died.

Now little Fadu is still looking for her dad, but Chen Chengyong could not wait to hear her calling him "dad." Little Fadu was able to avoid the tribulation because her mother is an Australian citizen, so she was born in Australia. Otherwise, people probably wouldn't even have learned that she had lost her father.

As a witness, I wrote down this sad story and a song. I want to tell the kind-hearted people in the world: there are thousands, even tens of thousands of "little Fadus" in China that have lost their mothers and fathers. Those parents who uphold their belief in Falun Gong and in being good persons are either homeless, or detained, or tortured to death. All kind-hearted people, please lend your support and raise your voices to uphold justice, and together let's stop the evil persecution in China so all the "little Fadus" won't lose their moms and dads, and their good parents won't be homeless and detained. Let's help them return to a complete and happy home.

The song

Note: as the composer of this song is still homeless herself and has to move about in order to avoid further persecution, she has been unable to fulfill her wish of recording this song. I hope capable fellow practitioners can compassionately help her.