(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 64 year-old woman who lives in a village. In the past I had many illnesses and every year the medical bills were two to three thousand Yuan (Chinese dollars, the monthly salary of an average urban worker in China is about 500 Yuan). I spent most of our family's small income on my medication. I heard about Falun Dafa while I was seeking a cure for my illnesses. From that time on my fate was changed.

Both my brother and sister-in-law also practice Falun Gong. I asked them, "We always abide by the law, why is the Jiang regime against us?" My brother said, "The person in power who persecutes Falun Gong is wrong. Falun Gong has benefited people and brought hundreds of good things and no bad influence." "Do you mean our leaders have made a mistake?" "Yes, many political movements like the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward were finally proven to be wrong. This time the person in power who persecutes Falun Gong is wrong. We all benefit from practicing the exercises. People who cultivate Falun Gong want to be good people, have good health, and are kind-hearted. What is wrong with that?" After listening to him and remembering that he used to have a serious stomach problem (stomach inflammation), I saw that his face is now glowing with health. Seeing the change in him is what piqued my interest in Falun Gong and made me want to try it. I listened to the nine-day lectures on cassette tapes and truly felt that Master has told us the truth about cultivation. If I want to cultivate, I have to listen to Master and treat myself as a true cultivator at all times. I have now practiced Falun Gong for a year; I have recovered from all the illnesses and no longer have huge medical expenses. Furthermore, I have taken the responsibility to cook and do the housework for the five members of my family. This is something I never thought I could do before!

After seeing the changes in me, my children also want to practice Falun Gong. It is really the Buddha light illuminating my family. I cannot express how grateful I am to Master.

September 4, 2002