On the afternoon of August 21, 2002, Beijing Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Chan and his fellow practitioner Yu Luping were both captured at the Liangshan County Bus Station in Shandong Province by Jining Police officer Guo Hongtao and his accomplices. They were severely tortured in the detention center. Sometime between August 21 and 29, Wang Chan was tortured to death during interrogation in the detention center.

Wang Chan, a 39-year-old male, 1.78 m tall, was employed at the central office of the People's Bank of China. He was very skilled at his position, his job was well done, and his employer had even sent him to Canada on business. His mother lived in the apartment complex affiliated with the Jining city materials production company. He was forced to leave his home because of the long-term persecution he suffered, and since then he had no steady income. He was thin but healthy; Wang Chan was a sincere, well-spoken man who affirmed his practice of Falun Dafa. After July 20, Wang Chan stepped forward to safeguard and validate Dafa, and was arrested and illegally detained.

Wang Chan was one of the first practitioners who understood early on the importance of clarifying the truth to the general public. He put his understanding into action and led many other practitioners in the important task of clarifying the truth. During the three years of his forced homelessness, Wang had traveled to many places, set up numerous sites to produce Dafa materials, helped practitioners to improve their understanding of the Fa and helped many practitioners to upgrade, step forward, and join in the Fa-rectification. The lawbreaking officials hated him and were so afraid of him that they offered 100,000 Yuan as a bounty for his capture.

On the afternoon of August 21, wicked Jining policeman Guo Hongtao unlawfully arrested Wang Chan, Yu Luping (female, 43 years old, from the Laiyang Steel Manufacture Company), and Wang Yunxia (female, 31 years old, lived in Jining city) at the bus station of Liangshan County, Shandong Province. In the detention center, they were severely tortured by the vicious police, who punched and kicked them, handcuffed their hands behind their backs and hung them up, and beat them with rubber clubs. During this time, Wang Yunxia was beaten to unconsciousness several times and each time was forced to regain consciousness by having cold water poured on her. The evil policemen could not get any information out of them so they detained Wang Chan and Yu Luping in the Jining detention center. What is even more ridiculous is that the police illegally kidnapped Wang Chan's mother (over 60 years old) after they found out Wang Chan's real name later on.

It is said that Wang Chan was tortured to death sometime around August 21-29 by Guo Hongtao and others during interrogation in the Jining City detention center. After Wang's death, the police department and detention center tried to block any information from getting out and transferred Yu Luping to Wenshang County detention center. Wang's family member went to visit and brought him some clothes in the morning of Aug 29. The detention center accepted the clothes and did the same one week later in order to not let Wang's family members know that he had been killed, which demonstrates how weak and cowardly the wicked people's thinking is.

We urgently request that all the kind people of the world pay attention to the dangerous situation that Falun Dafa practitioners in Mainland China are in, extend your righteous hand to help stop this cruel persecution and killing.

We formally request that the Jining City government, police department, judicial department, and court investigate the cause of Wang Chan's death and punish the killers according to the laws that protect people's lives.

Attached: responsible departments' phone numbers:
Jining city government secretary office: 86-537-2348238
Jining city mayor's office: 86-537-2348008
Jining city political and judiciary committee: 86-537-2316850 (Liu Jinglun)
Jining city police department: 86-537-2960000 (operator)
Jining city 610 office: 86-537-2348643
Jining city Middle district police station political security section: 86-537-2233666 (operator)-ext: political security section Liu Yalei and Guo Hongtao
Jining city detention center director office: 86-537-2225239/2220265
Wenshang County police department: 86-537-7212505 (operator)
Jining city intermediate judicial department director office: 86-537-2387658
Office: 86-537-2387638
Jail investigation office: 86-537-2387599
Jining city court director office: 86-537-2383589
Guo Hongtao: 86-13518677166 (cell), 86-537-2260589 (h)
Liu Yalei: 86-13705478696 (cell), 86-537-2340996 (h)