(Clearwisdom.net) In the morning of September 7, 2002 practitioners from Pasadena participated in a Health Fair organized by city council member Mr. Victor Gordor. The peaceful and beautiful exercise demonstration attracted many local residents. The local public TV station also interviewed the practitioners. Many residents asked for flyers about group practice sites and lecture schedules and all flyers were gone quickly. A group of Mexican children learned the exercises at the site seriously.

When she saw that the boys who used to be as naughty as little monkeys became so cute and calm when they were learning the exercises, the principal of the local elementary school was very surprised at the power of Falun Dafa. She asked for some introductory materials and asked the practitioner to give her phone and email address. She wanted to contact us later. Another lady watched our demonstration and then asked us for contact information. She said that she was organizing an environmental conservation activity and she wanted to invite us to participate. Across from our booth was the American Cancer Association. When a practitioner walked to them to give them a flyer, their organizer asked the practitioner many questions and also said that they wanted to attend our lectures. Another organizer of the Heath Fair, the head of United Madison Clinic came to our booth and praised Falun Dafa. They said that our exercises were better than their techniques because ours can prevent people from getting sick but theirs can only treat an ill person. They requested some Falun Gong introductory materials and left us their email addresses and asked us to notify them when we have activities. When the Health Fair was ending, Mr. Victor Gordor came to greet to practitioners and he wanted to join one of our activity. So the practitioners gave him the time of next lecture schedule at local public library.

The opportunity of attending the Heath Fair came from a letter sent to all residents from City Council Member Mr. Gordor about the fair. Though the application deadline had passed, we still called the organizer for a try. They warmly accepted our application without any charge.

This event is just a small local community activity and it only lasted three hours. But since it directly dealt with local residents and had local government officials supported, our participation received better result than we expected.