(Clearwisdom.net) After the Chinese dictator left Goslar, we went there again to clean up the remaining evil elements in other dimensions. The city we live in is not far from Goslar, but at that time it was as though we were restrained from going. We did not feel like going and this matter keep being postponed. Recently, a series of events (including the incidents in Iceland, Hong Kong and Cambodia) suddenly jolted me awake. I realized that if we don't deal with the matter of going to Goslar to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and expose the lies and rumors that were spread there, then the evil would take advantage of this loophole. The German police set a very bad precedent during the Chinese dictator's visit. Our truth-clarifying work was not done properly, resulting in the incidents that happened thereafter. We most certainly should have gone there to clarify the truth much earlier.

Last week, a few of us practitioners took some time to visit the media, government bodies and non-governmental organizations at Goslar. We also went to downtown to spread Dafa and clarify the truth during the weekend. Throughout the process, I was touched by the righteousness of the citizens there. The local residents still had a vivid memory of the fiasco of Jiang's visit and were indignant towards the police's unreasonable behavior. Their yearning for Falun Dafa could be seen from their attitudes when they accepted our truth-clarifying materials. I am very regretful for not coming to Goslar much earlier to carry out comprehensive truth-clarifying activities. Our shortcomings may have caused the German citizens to miss the chance to stand up and support Falun Dafa like the Icelandic people did.

When we were contacting one local news agency, the news editor helped us look up all the news reports related to the few days of the Chinese dictator's visit. In the office of the German Democratic Socialist Party, the secretary told us that her husband is a very gentle man. At that time he was quite upset about the unfair treatment that Falun Gong practitioners received. He asked her to find a yellow shirt for him. He said that he would wear it to the streets and see which policeman dared to touch him. It was a pity that they did not have any yellow shirts around the house at the time. She said indignantly that the visit was a big fiasco and brought only bad things for the area.

During the two days of clarifying the truth, we felt that Goslar really opened up to us. The people seemed to have been waiting all along for us to go there to clarify the truth to them. From the Mayor's office, the Chief Administrator, the media, the church associations to the various political parties, many people rearranged their time to meet with us and then helped us to reach our next destination. We often felt the protection of Master and the power of Dafa. We knew that when it comes to Falun Dafa work, we just need to carry it out, and everything is within the control of Master.

Encouraged by the understandings we reached on that day, we went to downtown Goslar again to clarify the truth on the weekend. The weather was different from the heavy rain and hail from a few days ago; it was now bright and sunny. The results were very good that day. People were very receptive to accepting the truth-clarifying materials. Many people also brought up the various strange incidents that happened during Jiang's visit in April. Looking at their eager looks, I told them from the heart, "Rest assured, we will come back very soon, we will not abandon this place that was tainted by the Chinese dictator's antics."