(Mingpao Daily News, September 1, 2002) According to a report from the Huaxi Urban Newspaper, last Wednesday evening, August 28, people in the areas of Dingbian, Yongshou, Sanyuan, Lintong, Lantian, Huxian and Xi'an of Shaanxi Province, reported having seen a "cylindrical-shaped, shining object moving slowly from the northeast toward the southwest, becoming larger and larger and eventually disappearing." It was also reported on the Internet that people saw unidentified flying objects in Liangshan of Shandong Province, Wushenqi of Inner Mongolia, Xuzhou of Jiangsu Province, Zaoqiang of Hebei Province, Chengdu of Sichuan Province, Lanzhou of Gansu Province, and Henan Province.

Wang Sichao, a researcher in Nanjing Zijinshan Astronomical Observatory, said that this is the 16th time since 1971 that unidentified flying objects were reportedly seen simultaneously in many places.