(Clearwisdom.net) At the beginning of the year, we discussed with other practitioners about making more truth-clarifying VCDs. Everyone thought truth-clarifying VCDs were very effective and that we should make more of them. However, the basic cost for one VCD is two Yuan (Chinese dollars) and some practitioners were worried that we would not have enough money. I shared my experience and said that we were doing the most righteous thing in the cosmos and all the righteous gods would help us. As long as we did it with a pure heart, we would get a good result. Everyone agreed and said that this should be so.

After preparations, we had enough practitioners to help and a place to make them but the problem of funding was still not solved. The 5000 Yuan initial funding was not enough after purchasing equipment. Every day, we needed to use a few hundred Yuan and it looked like we could not continue for long. Soon, however, the situation changed. Many practitioners took out their own savings. An elderly practitioner saw the VCD and said, "This must be very expensive," and offered 200 Yuan (Approximately a half-month salary of an average urban worker). After a few days, she contributed another 200 Yuan. She does not have retirement allowances and only has 200 Yuan a month for her living expenses.

A practitioner had opened a small factory and under a very tight cash flow situation, he still managed to squeeze out 5000 Yuan for making VCDs. Another practitioner had just received 10, 000 Yuan as a draft fee and immediately contributed 5000 Yuan. Many other practitioners took out their life savings and I do not even know the sources of much of the other money. A countryside practitioner asked whether it was all right for him to contribute ten Yuan. Even though the amount was small, his heart was big. Every amount of money represents each practitioner's wish-- the same wish--to expose the evil, clarify the truth and save sentient beings. We must eliminate evil totally and let light shine on everything.

So quickly, the problem with funding was solved. Starting from making 30 or so VCDs a day, we are now making a few hundred a day and everything is going very well. When I look back, I am amazed how we achieved the desired result.

Master said, "When you conduct yourselves righteously Master can do anything for you." (Touring North America to Teach the Fa)

August 27, 2002