September 1, 2002

( One woman and her husband learned to practice Falun Dafa with great delight in 1995. After practicing Dafa, she became a volunteer assistant and used her apartment as a group-reading site. She and her husband would purchase Dafa books with their own money to make sure that all practitioners would have books to read whenever they joined the class.

After April 25th, 1999, they noticed that the situation became very grave. The practitioner's husband started buying and storing all the Dafa books he could find. After July 20th, he was told that one bookstore still had Zhuan Falun for sale. He did not have any cash at home, so he borrowed money and bought the books, spending nearly 3000 Yuan. He came back with the books, filled with great happiness, but it was not safe for him to bring the books into his apartment any more. He had to find a place to store them.

One day in October 1999, this practitioner's husband said to her, "We should never give up Dafa under any circumstances. We must be very determined in our cultivation till the end." Then he asked her, "Can you promise me that you will use your life to protect these books well?" She said, "Do not worry. Even if I am arrested and beaten to death, I will not give up these books." He smiled knowingly. The next day, he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. After her husband passed on, she firmly kept her promise in her mind and has been very determined in Dafa practice. In order to protect those books, she has experienced a lot of hardships as well as attacks from others. To avoid being arrested, she has had to move the books to different locations many times. One time, one of her relatives said to her, "We are not against you practicing Falun Gong. You may keep just one set of books, and burn up all the rest. We do not want to take the risk." She said sternly, "I will protect these books with my life." Later, she realized that a Dafa disciple should not ask ordinary people to protect Dafa books. Therefore, she carried the books pile by pile up to her apartment on the 6th floor, making several trips. Since then, she has lived with the books by her side.

For more than three years, she has always remembered that, "to cherish Dafa is to cherish your own life." She has protected those books successfully with righteous thoughts. Whenever she saw scenes of burning books in TV programs, or when fellow practitioners' books were taken away, tears fell from her eyes.

When she learned that many practitioners who have recently obtained Dafa do not have books, she takes the books to them. When I saw that the original packed book boxes had already worn out before they were opened, tears came to my eyes. I know she has suffered so much these years. She told me again and again that I must only give the books to those who cherish them. Therefore, I would always tell this practitioner's story to those who receive the book, so they would cherish that book which was so hard to obtain.