(Clearwisdom.net) Every day an endless stream of tourists from all over the world visit Singapore. We practice Falun Gong exercises and clarify the truth of the persecution to people in the parks. Our beautiful exercises, peaceful manner, and wonderful music attract a lot of tourists. There are many touching stories about clarifying the truth to people.

Clarifying the Truth to Tour Guides

Many tour guides in Singapore are good to us. When passing by our exercise site, they take the initiative to introduce us to their customers by saying: "This is Falun Gong; Falun Gong is legal in Singapore." But because of the unfair propaganda from the local media, there are also tour guides who think Falun Gong is political and is China's enemy. Most of the foreign tour guides come from China. When seeing us, they swear at us, forbid their customers to take our materials, or detour around our site. We found the tour guides' attitudes to Dafa greatly influenced their customers. Tour guides who know the truth encourage their customers to learn the truth from us. Tour guides who were deceived want their customers to be deluded too.

So we started by greeting the tour guides and clarifying the truth to them. At the proper time, we gave them written materials. As a result, many have changed their attitudes towards us. Once a tour guide told us, "I have read your material. Those people are my customers. They are from China. I asked them to read your material!" I was really glad for him.

Another time, while we were doing the exercises, a Singapore tour guide stood watching us. A practitioner and I went to say hello to him. He smiled and asked us, "Why does China persecute Falun Gong? I see you are good! What happened when the satellite TV signal was interrupted two days ago?" We explained to him according to our understanding. I also gave him a truth-clarification VCD, which he happily accepted.

There are also tour guides who are rude to us. They are unwilling to take our materials; they even scold us. Initially, a few practitioners could not keep a righteous mind. Later, they realized it was a good opportunity to show our compassion, and that those lives are the lives we should rescue.

Clarifying the Truth to Chinese Tourists

In Yuweishi Park, most of the foreign visitors are from China. Each group contains dozens of people. Tourists from northern China have been badly deceived. Normally, they just stand at a distance to watch us with suspicion and surprise. Some said to themselves, "There are Falun Gong in Singapore?" Some come to see our exercises and take the materials. I often encounter this situation: some people dare not take materials when there are a lot of people around. After all the people have boarded the bus and no one is noticing them, they return to take the materials. People from southern China are different. Mostly they come to watch the exercises, watch the "Witness" video, and truth clarifying VCD, and take material. Many people ask questions when they read the materials. We answer them one by one.

When they ask, "Don't you work? Do you stay here to make money? How much are you paid each day? Who hired you? " We respond with, "We have jobs. Without a job how could we make a living? Some of us are retired. We are volunteers. No one asks us to come. Whoever has the time will come. We don't make any money here."

People who have been deceived by the lies usually stand there quietly listening to us. I remember Master's poem, Assisting the Fa:

Making a wish to save sentient beings,
Assisting Teacher in his journey in this world;
Aiding me to turn the Fa wheel,
The Fa succeeds and free in heaven and earth.

Master is so compassionate.

Clarifying the Truth to Foreign Visitors

There are a lot of foreign visitors attracted by our grand exercise site. Some come to talk with us. Most of them cannot understand why China persecutes Falun Gong. We utilize the chance to clarify the truth and give them our materials. Some take pictures of us while we are exercising. Some take photos with practitioners as a souvenir. Some learn the exercises on the spot or take more materials.

Scenic places are good for clarifying the truth and saving people. The Gods in the heavens are watching us. People in the world are watching us. We shouldn't disappoint them.