(Clearwisdom.net) Our teacher addressed in the book Zhuan Falun that: "if you do not help stop a murder or arson when you see it, how will you otherwise demonstrate that you are a good person?" After reading Teacher's new article, "Hurry up and tell them," it became very clear in my mind that the Fa-rectification is reaching the final stage. Dafa disciples are exposing the lies one by one to save people. But this is still not enough. The urgency manifests itself in our pace not being quick enough. If we dig deeper for the reasons, it is because we are not compassionate enough.

When we face people who have been deceived by lies, do we indeed do so as if we were rescuing people from a fire? If we truly held such great compassion, would we still have time to blame the attachments of others? Would we still take such a leisurely pace and still end up with no results even after lengthy discussion? Why don't we treasure this time, make use of all the opportunities, and get rid of all the deviated manifestations such as grand talk without any action? If our compassion comes out, wisdom will come along with it. We will do more in our activities and let more people understand the truth.

The hint with the use of the word "hurry" by our Teacher is not only his compassion for all the disciples but also compassion for those who still don't know the truth yet.

Dafa has entrusted us with wisdom and supernormal abilities. We should indeed hurry, no longer taking a slow and leisurely pace. Let us be compassionate and take more concrete actions quickly to save more people.