After hearing about the news of the satellite TV broadcast of Falun Gong truth-clarifying programming, Deputy Secretary Yuan Chengde of the Liaoning Lingyuan Steel Corporation angrily shouted orders to hold a brainwashing session for all of the employees who are Falun Dafa practitioners. Thus, starting on July 15, a group led by Yuan Chengde and Ma Riming (head of the corporation's security department), Han Yuehui and Wang Boxiang (both officials from the corporation's security department) forced employees who are Falun Dafa practitioners to go to the brainwashing session. Li Zhanyong (director of the corporation's propaganda department) was leading the session, which showed videos defaming Falun Dafa. They told Falun Dafa practitioners that they must write "three statements,"--"regrets," "guarantee," "criticism" [declaring their intent to give up practicing]. Otherwise they were told that they would continue to be held in the brainwashing session until they were either imprisoned or sent to a labor camp. Yuan Chengde and his accomplices sent eleven Falun Dafa practitioners to jail, for whom the longest sentence was 14 years.

List of the criminals involved in persecuting Falun Dafa in Lingyuan Steel Corporation:

Yuan Chengde, Deputy Secretary of the Lingyuan Steel Corporation, Tel: 86-421-6834688 or 6831988 (h); 86-421-6834422 or 6830152 (o).

Ma Riming, Director of the Corporation Security Department, Tel: 86-421-6834309 or 6831333 (o).

Han Yuehui, Chairman of the Corporation Security Department.

Wang Boxiang, a section chief of the Corporation Security Department.

The Falun Dafa Practitioners from Lingyuan Steel Corporation who were unlawfully sentenced:

Hou Yanshuang, 14-year term.

Zheng Chunyan, 10-year term.

Han Liguo and his wife Li Chunling, 6 and 4 year terms, respectively.

Liu Zhifu, 6-year term.

Guo Xiaomei, 6-year term.

Wang Hailin, 7-year term.

Li Chunyan, 3-year term.

Zhou Shumin, 8-year term.

Yuan Zimin, 5-year term.

Two Falun Dafa practitioners not employed by Lingyuan Steel Corporation:

Li Baozhen, a policeman from Lingyuan City Police Department, 6-year term.

Bai Liyan, 4-year term.