I will be 16 years old this year. In September 2001, when the police came to my home, I obeyed the evil and was taken to the local police station. Because I did not study the Fa deeply at that time and because I was heavily influenced by all kinds of attachments, I did things that did not conform to Dafa. Being deceived by my attachments when I came back, I only measured my past behavior in terms of whether or not I wrote the so-called "guarantee letter," which I had not. However, I still felt that I had not done well while in detention. Now, I have enlightened to the fact that the solemn declaration is another chance that Master gives those practitioners who did not do well.

I therefore hereby declare that what I have done and said at the local police station that didn't conform to Dafa to be null and void! I will set strict demands on myself in my future cultivation practice. I will clean the stain and become a qualified Dafa practitioner!

Song Haipeng

July 27, 2002