Decisions made by policemen after realizing the truth

After listening to the truth [about Falun Gong and the persecution], the vice-chief in a county in a north province said, "I believe that this practice is very good. Otherwise, there would not be more than one hundred million people who practice it. If it was not good, who would go to Beijing to appeal at the risk of being arrested?" Later, this vice-chief borrowed a copy of Zhuan Falun from a practitioner. Several days later, he told the practitioner, "After reading the book, my mind is cleaner and my sight clearer. The stomachache that plagued me for many years disappeared. No wonder there are so many people who practice it and why so many persist in practicing it even after enduring so many hardships. Falun Gong is so miraculous that I would very much like to keep this book.

A village police station in the north sent several policemen to search a Dafa practitioner's house and confiscated lots of truth clarification CDs. Three household members were detained at the police station. After watching the truth clarification CDs, some policemen were shocked and outraged when learning the truth. One policeman said, "All this time the TV and radio stations have been lying to us. I am not going to believe what they say and I won't commit bad deeds anymore." Those policemen said to the Dafa practitioners in the police station, "You may go home."

An upright, kind-hearted policeman said, "I don't want to do the wicked things or arrest Dafa practitioners!"

A policeman from a local community is an upright, kind-hearted person. He was not deceived by the propaganda in the media. He often took advantage of his job to secretly help Dafa practitioners. Whenever a sensitive date would approach, this policeman would secretly ask Dafa practitioners' relatives to help practitioners avoid any possible danger. "Don't be arrested and put into the brainwashing center. I don't want to do wicked things such as arresting Dafa practitioners!"

A conversation between a Dafa practitioner and an official of a forced labor camp

An official went to a clinic to see a doctor. The doctor, a Dafa practitioner, mentioned Falun Gong to the official. This official said, "In the first place, it is wrong for the government to persecute Falun Gong. The individual national leader imposed this persecution on the citizens for his personal reasons. Every citizen has his or her own thoughts and can make their own judgment. Good things or bad things can be judged in everyone's heart. If what is reported on the TV is true, that those who practice it will kill their parents and children, who would dare to practice it?"

Meeting you will greatly improve my mood for the whole day

I took a bus to go to work. On the bus I gave my seat to an elderly woman. She was very grateful and her husband gratefully said to me, "Meeting you will greatly improve my mood for the whole day." I gave them two copies of truth clarification materials. As soon as he read them, he repeatedly said, "Yes, yes." I told them, "If you read through the materials, you are not going to be in a good mood for just one day. You will benefit from it forever." He immediately said, "Yes, very good."