Damage has recently occurred to several truth-clarification material supply sites in my area. The arrest of several practitioners who were involved with making truth-clarification materials and the severe losses we suffered in resources and money have led me to reflect on this. When this situation arose before, other than sending forth righteous thoughts to support fellow practitioners as soon as I got bad news, I didn't really think too much about it. After the first occurrence of a truth-clarification material supply site being damaged, we had been following a very secure method to contact one another. Yet it still happened again. I think that secure communications to protect truth-clarification material supply sites are a must, provided that Dafa disciples can understand the Fa from the perspective of the Fa while doing Dafa work. Otherwise, if we do Dafa work with ordinary people's ways--no matter how we do it--it is not going to be secure.

1. Look at Security Issues without Going to Extremes

Once security issues are brought up, some practitioners immediately think of their own safety and become fearful and overly suspicious. Because a fellow practitioner was unable to endure torture, Wang's name was given away [to the authorities]. Ever since then, Wang could not trust anybody. If Dafa disciples looked for him for Dafa work, he would make himself unavailable. Therefore, truth-clarification materials were not distributed on time. He was not able to adjust his mentality righteously when encountering problems. As a result, he failed to place Dafa as his first priority. Instead, he regarded his own safety as being more important than anything else, clearly exposing his strong attachment to fear. Just when he thought he was very safe, he was arrested.

A practitioner named Li is an example of another extreme case. He has always considered himself someone with strong righteous thoughts and has not been willing to talk about security issues at all. He took the opposite view from articles [on Dafa websites] regarding safety issues, for he considered them to reflect an attachment to fear. Consequently, he did not suspect anything after being followed for two months. Two fellow practitioners told him at different times that the truth-clarification material supply site was being watched by plainclothes police. He still thought that he had strong righteous thoughts and those were just tests to see if he had the attachment to fear. He was arrested two days later, suffering the great loss of equipment and cash as police dismantled the truth-clarification material supply site.

This is not a question of being fearful or not. This is a question about whether one is being truly responsible to the Fa or not.

2. Cultivate Away the Attachments Formed While Doing Dafa Work In a Timely Manner

In the beginning, when practitioners were making truth-clarification materials, they did it of their own will and with enthusiasm without thinking too much about it. The scale and the scope of their efforts were small. The more we clarified the truth in depth, the more truth-clarification materials were needed and the greater the area we covered. If we didn't keep up our Fa study, and if we regarded Dafa work as a job, then some of our deeply hidden attachments would be magnified. Some practitioners saw themselves as if they were supervising Dafa work, and failed to face things inconsistent with their views with a kind and peaceful mentality. Some were careless about minor details and didn't handle money properly, spending it unnecessarily. Some evaluated things with human sentimentality in their work--liking some people or disliking some people, feeling better and happier working with some people. This happened less often in the beginning. However, as time progressed, their attachments became stronger because they had not been paying attention to cultivating themselves. Eventually they became easy prey to demonic minds and brought losses to Dafa.

3. Righteously Position the Relationship Between Dafa Work and Cultivation

I had the opportunity to come into contact with a practitioner whose work was downloading files from the web. He seldom studied the Fa, had hardly been practicing the exercises and didn't do much sending forth of righteous thoughts. He sat in front of his computer all day long exploring ways to improve his Internet skills. He thought that doing his work was so important, that he was so busy, and that he didn't have time to study the Fa and practice the exercises. It is very obvious that, as far as he was concerned, the amount of effort he made in Dafa work would be translating into the improvement he made in cultivation. I discussed this with him several times but he never listened to me. He was eventually arrested, and gave away other practitioners' names because he was unable to endure the severe torture of the evil persecution. As a result, several practitioners were arrested. Many practitioners who made truth-clarification materials neglected Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts when they were busy, thinking that certain things were very important and that Fa-study time could be squeezed in. They unwittingly considered the making of truth-clarification materials to be more important than Fa study. Cultivation cannot be measured by the amount of Dafa work being done. Only by righteously balancing the relationship between Dafa work and cultivation, can one keep improving one's xinxing while doing Dafa work, taking one's every step solidly.

4. Looking Inward is not Compromising

Before many truth-clarification material supply sites were damaged, some practitioners had discovered a practitioner who was making truth-clarification materials had already failed to understand the Fa from the Fa. At that time, he should have calmed his mind to study the Fa. He was no longer suitable to do Dafa work. Some practitioners brought this up, but we felt we could not do without him. We all depended on him for web information. Some practitioners thought whatever was supposed to be said had been said. If he would not listen, then we would just have to look inward. Some evaded this passively for fear of causing conflicts. This eventually led to damage that was hard to repair. My understanding is that we should clearly distinguish the relationship between personal cultivation and Fa rectification; when it comes to personal gain and loss among fellow practitioners, to look inward is without doubt essential. If it is the old forces deliberately damaging our one whole body, we must solemnly eliminate them with righteous thoughts. Only when we understand the Fa from the perspective of the Fa can we truly succeed in looking inward. Only then can we remove the obstacles the old forces have created among us. Compromising can only cover up attachments.

5. Paying Serious Attention to External Interference in Fa Study

We all know the importance of Fa study. Therefore it becomes especially important for practitioners of truth-clarification material supply sites to remove external interference in a timely manner while studying the Fa. A certain practitioner in charge of a truth-clarification material supply site is a very capable person. He almost single-handedly handles printing, purchasing equipment items and materials, maintaining equipment, communicating with others and handling the monetary aspects. The materials made are of superior quality. He was able to relax only if he personally took care of everything. He spent a great deal of time working--even until midnight. He spent very little time on Fa study. When he realized his state was not right and wanted to spend some time to study the Fa, it had already become very difficult for him to get away from external interference. While he was busy making truth-clarification materials, police broke into his place and arrested him. Sometimes external interference with practitioners of truth-clarification material supply sites may manifest in the following ways. Once he studied the Fa, someone would ask him to do something said to be very important; or he stubbornly imposed on himself because he wanted to reach a certain goal. Consequently, there is repeated interference in his thinking that he had failed to calm his mind. If he failed to remove interference with a clear head and failed to guarantee to spend some time studying the Fa, then the interference would become more severe. As time progressed, more loopholes in his thoughts accumulated and the greater the expansion of the attachments utilized by demons. He had become so blind and impulsive that he had a hard time trying to look inward.

6. Diligently Maintaining Righteous Thoughts

A practitioner once told me: "What is there to be afraid of? Isn't it just a life?" implying that he could let go of life and death. He has in fact tacitly acknowledged the evil's persecution. Solidifying one's righteous thoughts does not mean one is not afraid of death. Instead, it is our rock-solid and diamond-like firm belief in Teacher and the Fa. The divine power of Buddha developed through this enables us to become all-powerful. If we walk our paths righteously, the evil ones will then lose their excuses to stay alive. The course of solidifying one's righteous thoughts is the course of constantly understanding the Fa from the Fa, and is the course of constantly adjusting righteously one's mentality, which includes the course of whether one is able clearly to recognize one's attachment and keep cultivating away one's attachments. When we take the initiative to do Dafa work we are actually solidifying our righteous thoughts repeatedly, we are actually getting closer to reaching maturity as we deal rationally and wisely with all the problems that occur. If we are able to accomplish this, is there then any so-called "excuse to test us" by the evil ones in their final stage of struggling for their lives on the brink of death?

Because my personal understanding is limited, please kindly correct me if there is anything improper.