(Clearwisdom.net) In order to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to more people and call on the Hong Kong authority to immediately dismiss the groundless accusation against the 16 Falun Gong practitioners, starting from August 3 to 6, some practitioners from Gothenburg, Sweden held a 72-hour continuous sitting-in in front of the Chinese Consulate in Gothenburg. During the 72 hours, practitioners studied the Fa, practiced the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts. At noon of August 6, practitioners in Sweden held a press conference and issued a press statement expressing concerns for the ongoing groundless trial in Hong Kong. Practitioners pointed out the prolonged trial of 16 Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong was a violation of justice in the democratic world and posed concern for the future legitimacy of the Hong Kong legal system.

Practitioners peacefully sitting in front of the consulate (Right)
A press photographer takes pictures during our appeal (Left) Message on the banner, "STOP THE DISGRACEFUL TRIAL IN HK" (Right)

Four Swiss and twelve HK Falun Gong practitioners were charged in the court with "public obstruction" and "attacking Hong Kong police officers" on March 14 in front of the Chinese Liaison Office in Hong Kong although they were simply holding an appeal in the most peaceful and orderly manner. In Sweden, a demonstration in this manner would have received commendation from police. Despite the lack of evidence that could back up the unfounded charges, the trial had been prolonged unreasonably and the bias behaviour of the judge had been an act of contempt to the court and a disgrace to the legal profession. It was just like what Pax Christi wrote in a letter to the Hong Kong leader, "This judicatory of Hong Kong violates the 18th, 19th, and the 20th articles of the International Human Right Declaration. These articles regard to respects of the freedom of belief, religion, speech and peaceful assembly and association. This judicial behavior of Hong Kong furthermore breached the principle of the United Nations Charter."

Many Swedish practitioners had been to Hong Kong several times for business, holidays and Falun Dafa activities earlier and had very good impressions of the Hong Kong police. However, under Jiang regime's pressure, the Hong Kong authority lodged a fabricated accusation against the 16 Falun Gong practitioners who were holding a peaceful appeal in front of the Chinese Liaison Office in Hong Kong.

Practitioners in Sweden hoped that the Hong Kong police had the courage to defend their professional code of ethics and tell the truth in court. Every careful observer of the trial knew that the 16 Falun Gong practitioners had been acting peacefully throughout the incident on March 14 and the obstruction charges were absolutely groundless and should be dismissed immediately.