Solemn Declaration #1

I was forcibly brought to the "610 Brainwashing Class" by the police on April 22, 2002 for thirty-five days, simply because I practice Falun Dafa [note: the "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems]. I was forbidden to meet with any members of my family, and I was watched 24 hours per day by police officers, guards and administrative staff. The staff at the brainwashing center took turns trying to brainwash us. They used fabricated materials to mislead us. They made threats that if we refused to accept brainwashing, we would be sent to forced labor camps. Because I had not studied the Fa well, I signed the "repentance letter" against my will, under duress. I hereby solemnly declare that anything I wrote and signed against Dafa in the brainwashing classes is invalid. I will try hard and redouble my effort to expose the evil completely and clarify the truth whole-heartedly, to make up for the loss I brought to Dafa.

Lin Junqing

June 23, 2002

Solemn Declaration #2

In December 2001, four of us were arrested when we went to the countryside to distribute Dafa materials and put up Dafa banners. Because we refused to give any information to the police, the local police sent us to a Public Security Branch and said they were going to throw us into forced labor camps. We sent forth righteous thoughts. Consequently, at first the Branch refused to accept us. They later refused to accept us again, for lack of due process of law. The local Police Chief wanted to punish us under the pretext of involvement in street fighting and disturbing the social order. He said, "Since you are senior citizens, we will give you the lightest punishment and fine you 200 yuan RMB" [500 yuan equals the average monthly salary of an urban worker]. We had not studied the Fa well and our minds were not clear after being detained in iron cage for four days. What's more, we wanted to get out of detention earlier, and thought that since this was not really a letter of guarantee [a standard letter stating that a person will no longer practice Falun Dafa], we complied with the evil and went ahead and signed their accusations against us.

After getting out, when looking back at what we have done and assessing it according to the Fa, we feel that we are not up to the expectations of Teacher and Dafa. We feel very repentant. Here we publish our solemn declaration: all of our signatures in the police station are invalid. From now on we will try harder and redouble our efforts to make up for the loss we have brought to Dafa.

Dafa disciples: Zhao Shuxia, Zhou Guiqin, Zhang Fengzhen, Xie Shoulan

July 22 2002

Solemn Declaration #3

I have practiced Falun Dafa since 1997. I was arrested in 2001. Both our Municipal Police Department and its local branch interrogated me. Later I was sent to a detention center. There the police used all means to torture practitioners into renouncing Falun Dafa, utilizing the so-called "familial affection" to confuse and mislead Dafa practitioners. Because I could not clearly understand the persecution from the Fa's perspective and I had the attachment to familial affection, I was heading in a dangerous direction of cultivation. Against my free will, I wrote a "repentance letter" and "letter of guarantee" [not to practice Falun Dafa]. After I came out of jail, I did things harmful to Dafa. However, through studying the Fa, I realize that because my attachment was major, it was taken advantage of by the evil. Consequently I did things that a Dafa disciple should never do and inflicted serious damage upon Dafa. I am not up to the expectations of our compassionate Teacher!

I hereby solemnly declare that any "repentance letter", or "letter of guarantee" that I wrote during detention is null and invalid! I will continue to practice Dafa determinedly and catch up with the Fa rectification progress, making up for the loss I brought to Dafa.

Dafa practitioner: Liu Changsheng

July 17, 2002

Solemn Declaration #4

In April of this year, I went to Beijing to safeguard Dafa and came back safely. After I came home, I encountered much pressure from my family. A senior member of the Police Department, whom I have always respected, "invited" me to his home and inundated me with three days of education and persuasion. He utilized the tactics of my attachments to familial affection and interest in my work unit, and subjected me to a "full-blown" examination of all my attachments. My wife stood aside, crying for a divorce. This senior officer saw that my heart was not moved, then asked me to guarantee that I would practice only at home and not go out to do Fa rectification work. I knew I absolutely would not accept this. But with their persistent working on me through all means, and because of my attachment of wanting to get out of there as early as possible (I was planning to leave home and become homeless at the moment), I said one compromising sentence. Although it was against my free will, the words came out of my mouth anyway. I realize that I still have omissions in many respects, and am very far away from disciples who have prevailed in even more difficult situations. I hereby solemnly declare that the compromising sentence I said is invalid. I will be more strict with myself, more diligent in studying the Fa and in participating in Fa-rectification. I will make up for the loss I caused to Dafa and I will catch up with the Fa-rectification process.

Dafa disciple: Liu Jun

July 23, 2002

Solemn Declaration #5

I was illegally arrested on February 3, 2001 when distributing truth-clarifying materials. Last August in a forced labor camp, I was misled by the evil persecution and wrote the shameful "three letters" [renouncing Falun Dafa and promising not to practice any more]. After my release from the labor camp, I was fortunate enough to be able to read the new articles of our Teacher, and I finally woke up. I saw that there were a large number of solemn declarations published every day on the Minghui website. But I had the fear in the bottom of my heart that if I were to publish my solemn declaration, then the evil would have an excuse to persecute me once again. Later on, when I read the experience-sharing articles of other practitioners, I was deeply touched. I realized that I did not have enough righteous faith in Dafa and did not have a deep understanding of Fa-rectification. I realized that publishing the solemn declaration is a very serious issue: It points to the issue of whether a practitioner is responsible to Dafa and to himself.

I hereby solemnly declare that anything that I wrote, said and did against our Teacher and Dafa are invalid! I will treasure this opportunity, and catch up with the Fa-rectification process. I will make up for the loss that I brought to Dafa, so as to be worthy of being saved by our compassionate Teacher.

Dafa practitioners: Yang Xibo

June 26, 2002