(Clearwisdom.net) One day in July 2001, a few practitioners were sharing experiences, when the Chief of the City Police Department Division One, leading his gang of officers, suddenly broke in and arrested us.

We all held righteous thoughts and were determined to walk out of the police station by using our righteous thoughts. We went on a hunger strike to resist our illegal arrest. Cuffed to an iron bar, we sent forth righteous thoughts, in an attempt to uncuff the handcuffs but did not succeed. We then understood that the timing was not yet appropriate for that to occur.

A little past 6:00 p.m. on the second day, the police used two sets of handcuffs to restrain the three of us female practitioners together. They were going to send us away, and illegally jail us. We found that the situation was not yet completely hopeless, and started sending forth righteous thoughts together to hold back the darkness because of evil. As a result, they did not begin to transport us until after dark, sometime after 8:00 p.m. Four policemen let us sit at the rear of the police van. I noticed that the rear door was unlocked, and immediately whispered that fact to the other two practitioners. The three of us all began sending forth righteous thoughts. I had been trying to uncuff my handcuff with righteous thoughts again but still had not succeeded. Nevertheless, my mind was very calm and I never doubted the power of righteous thoughts. About this time, one of the practitioners quietly told the other two of us, that she had already uncuffed herself using righteous thoughts and wanted to help us. I said to her quietly, "Don't worry about us. You go first. If only one of us escapes it will still be worth the risk." She nodded, and bravely jumped from the back of the speeding police van. The policemen heard the noise and screamed at each other in panic, but due to the high rate of speed, the van had already traveled a good distance by the time they were finally able to stop the vehicle. Three policemen jumped out of the van and ran back down the highway, leaving only one watching the remaining two of us. When we both stood up, the policeman shouted in a stern voice, "What are you doing? Sit down!" We both began sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements that were empowering him. Finally, he also jumped out of the van and ran back to join the others.

We jumped out of the van and ran up a hill. There, we encountered a villager, who blocked us, saying, "How dare you run! Can't you see that the one who jumped from the van was knocked unconsciousness? They are carrying her back to the van now."

I said, "How are you? We're not bad people. We practice Falun Gong. Those policemen want to persecute us."

As soon as these words came out, he began to smile and said, "I won't capture you. Follow me and I'll hide you." We followed him in the darkness along a winding path, but our minds remained very calm and serene. He took us to a vacant house, repeatedly urging us not to go out, and told us he would be back. Before leaving, he locked the door from the outside.

Later that night, we heard police sirens and car horns, but we kept sending forth righteous thoughts. A few times, their flashlight beams shined on my body, but they didn't notice, and said, "Nobody is here." We later discovered that the City Police Department had sent more than a dozen police vans to look for us. They had blocked all the exits to the village, set guards at every highway tollbooth and ordered the village officials to conduct a door-to-door search.

When it became light, we wanted to send forth righteous thoughts to uncuff the handcuffs. One handcuff was easily taken off, but the other one that cuffed both of us together, could not be uncuffed no matter what. We hid in this place for a total of three days. The villager periodically brought us some food and water, and told us, "You can't leave. Although they seemed to have retreated, there are still secret guards." Now we came to understand why the handcuffs couldn't be uncuffed. If we were to rush out like that, wouldn't it be dangerous?

On the fourth day, the villager found some clothes and shoes for us to change into, and used a clamp to break the handcuff. He also brought us enough warm food. Even though the villager's family was poor, he did not sell Falun Dafa practitioners for ill-gotten money, but instead, tried his best to protect us. That night, he found a vehicle and drove us home in it, and we clarified the truth of Falun Gong to him.

Upon arriving at the other practitioner's home, her family members (who were not practitioners) were deeply moved and pulled out 300 yuan RMB (the average monthly salary for urban workers is 500 yuan) to give to the villager. He refused to accept it, so they then purchased all the produce he was going to sell. The villager took this money, thanked us and left. We appreciate very much these people who treated Falun Dafa practitioners so kindheartedly.

The woman who had jumped from the van did not regain consciousness until the second day. When examined in the Province Hospital, her lower back was found to have been broken and she was also diagnosed with uterine cancer. But just one day later, she walked out of the hospital with righteous thoughts, and once again dissolved into the current of Fa-rectification.

July 31, 2002