(Clearwisdom.net) When people hear the truth about the persecution, they often ask, "Why does the the Jiang regime persecute Falun Gong? Why does this regime treat a group of people with such brutality, just for cultivating their bodies and minds?" Everyone with rational thinking finds it ridiculous.

In fact, when people ask such questions, they are assuming that those who abuse their power by persecuting innocent practitioners are rational, normal people. However, facts have already proven that these persecutors are completely devoid of rationality and human nature, and they should not be judged with normal logic. Furthermore, they are using the very confusion of people who do not know the truth to spread lies and slander in an attempt to legitimatize their evil persecution. Did Jesus do anything wrong? Why did those people who brought false charges against him cruelly kill Jesus? Is there any single reason to allow the Jiang regime to wantonly massacre, detain and torture innocent Falun Gong practitioners? There is only one reason for this persecution, and that is that Jiang, who created and implemented the policies to persecute Falun Gong, is too evil to accept Truth-Compassion-Tolerance, and he cannot put up with people following this principle.

Right now, only lies can sustain the existence of this persecution. All governments and people who have learned the truth have stood up and condemned and opposed it. Where the truth reaches, the environment of lies upon which the evil persecution relies for its existence is cleared out. As for those who are still hesitating, most still think the persecutors have normal thinking, and they have not realized how evil these persecutors are.

As Falun Gong practitioners who have witnessed and experienced this brutal persecution first hand, we see clearly that there is no rational reason whatsoever for this persecution. It is completely wrong. After enduring three years of illegal detention, brutal physical torture, forced brainwashing and even murder, Dafa practitioners are still persisting in their belief in a peaceful and rational manner without any inappropriate words or actions. The facts have already proven that we do not constitute any threat to anyone.

Can it be justified to persecute a group simply because there are too many people in the group? Can it be considered reasonable for a person in power to carry out brutal persecution simply because he thinks someone might threaten his rule? Unfortunately, the declining morality makes people consider such willful persecution as normal. Some people even think that this is the way politics is.

The propaganda machine in Mainland China that creates lies has even gone so far as to present the illegal persecution of Falun Gong as something which protects the interests of the people and the country; thus it has deceived the broad masses of the people. The main trick it uses is to claim that Falun Gong practitioners have political motives, while in fact all we ask is an environment in which our practice is protected by law, and we do not have any political goals. What their claim implies is that once [Falun Gong] is regarded as a political enemy they would have a free hand in their persecution without any legal or constitutional restraints, and those in power can do whatever they want. This is actually blatantly denying the principles of justice. After several decades of brainwashing, many Chinese people have unconsciously become accustomed to obeying any order from the "government" without thinking, and they are unable even to recognize that their thoughts are forced upon them by the government. In addition, since the present Chinese society is overflowing with material desires, people have become indifferent to things other than making money, and they respond callously when others suffer brutal persecution.

Another often-used propaganda trick by Jiang's regime is to claim that Falun Gong practitioners are only a minority, and all other people disapprove of Falun Gong--thus the persecutors can pretend to represent the "majority of the people." When Falun Gong practitioners tell people the truth via various peaceful means, Jiang and his accomplices show extreme fear and anxiety, and they even order police to shoot practitioners who post flyers on the spot. Why is Jiang's clique so fearful? This is because when all the people in Mainland China learn the truth, the environment upon which the evil relies for its existence will completely crumble. People will then realize that this scoundrel political gang of a handful of villains, who squander taxpayers' money to brutally persecute hundreds of millions of people who pay taxes, does not represent the nation. People will see that this evil gang is truly pushing the nation towards an abyss.

Moreover, Jiang's regime also labels the governments that ask them to improve human rights and treat their own citizen well as Western "anti-China forces." This is actually an excuse the Jiang regime uses to cover up its crime of persecuting people. In a civilized society, respect for freedom of belief and speech is an international standard. China has also signed related international pacts and promised to protect such rights of its citizens. Therefore, it is only natural that when Jiang's group tramples on the people's human rights, the international media will condemn such actions, and this is how international laws apply restraints in a modern civilized society. Every country praises China's resplendent history and culture. Every country pays attention to China's tremendous markets. On the other hand, who would want to shake hands with a dictator whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent people? Who would want to do business with a government that massacres its own people?

In fact, many people have no idea how these persecutors "represent" them. In 2001, in a district of Beijing, eight million Yuan (about one million dollars) was spent during the Chinese Spring Festival period alone on monitoring Falun Gong practitioners. Since the beginning of the persecution, Jiang and his followers have injected astronomical amounts of money into the prison and police systems. In order to cover up its violations of human rights before a Human Rights Commission meeting, the Jiang regime bought the support of a number of small third world countries with large amounts of money, yet during natural disasters and accidents at home, this large government is unable to provide adequate relief to its people. Behind the temporary and superficial "prosperity" sustained by astronomical deficit spending and false reports on economic growth is a huge debt that the next generation will have to pay. Meanwhile, millions of kind Falun Gong practitioners and their families have been broken up and many practitioners were forced to leave home to avoid illegal arrest--and still the persecutors are pursuing and trying to capture them.

The extent of baseness and brutality demonstrated by Jiang's criminal group in their persecution of Falun Gong practitioners has by far exceeded that of the Great Cultural Revolution. The arrests, brainwashing, torture and murder of Falun Gong practitioners are crimes. The use of rampant, widespread propaganda to deceive the public and defile public opinion are utterly villainous actions. Jiang's regime created certain "laws" solely to provide a legal framework for the persecution of Falun Gong, and the show-trials they have conducted have trampled on the Chinese Constitution and law. Numerous facts in the last three years have proved that Jiang is an evil political scoundrel who is devoid of all human nature and rationality. This is the sole cause for this persecution.

August 1, 2002