(Clearwisdom.net) In recent truth-clarifying activities, we have seen three general types of people. Type one: those who have already lost their consciences and seem determined to do things against Falun Dafa. Type two: those who will realize that Dafa is good after reading truth-clarifying materials or flyers. Type three: those who are between Type one and Type two. How can we do better to solve the confusion or uncertainty of Type three people and help them escape from their warped notions and be set free from China's lying propaganda? In this light, I am thinking about how to transform our language when clarifying the truth.

What does it mean to "transform our language?" It means that while clarifying the truth, we need to transform and express Dafa's principles and truth in plain language such that an everyday person can easily understand and accept it. I have noticed that usually practitioners will directly quote Teacher's words from Dafa books. One reason is that practitioners think the original words are more powerful. Another reason is that practitioners do not quite know how to say things about Dafa in everyday person's language. Maybe there are other factors such as that perhaps some practitioners do not understand as much and there is a certain degree of difficulty in transforming the Fa into one's own language. In fact, during truth-clarification, it is necessary to consider our own effectiveness. An everyday person will find it hard to conceive and understand the Fa in the same light as a practitioner. Whether a practitioner has empathy and is able to think from another's perspective and communicate with that person as the situation requires is crucial, as it fully manifests the kindness and wisdom of the practitioner. Thus, in order to help everyday people understand better and accept the truth of Dafa, transforming our language while still retaining the inner meanings of Fa principles in an optimum way is much needed.

How can we transform our language? There is no fixed way of doing it, as this is a physical manifestation of a practitioner's kindness, wisdom, and depth of cultivation. For example, when referring to Dafa's "offering salvation to the people in the world," we could better talk about some of its inner meanings, such as "talking about the true facts to help people be free from the deception of lies." We could transform the term "positioning oneself in the new cosmos" to something where its meaning is implied, such as, "choosing a bright future," and so on and so forth. As to "sending forth righteous thoughts," I simply talk about it as follows: "Sending forth righteous thoughts is like what ancient practitioners did to use their supernormal abilities to do something; it is employing a practitioner's purest thoughts to clean out bad things in other dimensions or time-spaces. No matter how much energy one may have, this sending forth righteous thoughts is good for anybody." Many ancient Chinese legends have also documented the "Supernormal Abilities" and "Buddha Fa Power." These terms have been used before in other schools of cultivation practice besides Dafa. Therefore, although this way of transforming language about sending forth righteous thoughts does not encompass its whole inner meaning, it is more easily understood and accepted by some Chinese people. This way of transforming language helps Chinese people establish their righteous recognition of Dafa.