(Clearwisdom.net) A few days ago I watched my son eating his breakfast. He tried with a small spoon to pick up two pieces of food at the same time, but when he wanted to catch the other piece after having got the first one, the first one always dropped out of his spoon. He kept trying several times. I was anxious, thinking to myself: "Why don't you stop the hopeless attempt and take the food piece by piece." However, my son didn't become impatient at all and still kept trying until he finally succeeded. I was happy at his success but, to my surprise, he continued his breakfast quietly without any sign of happiness on his face.

This small event made me think over my truth-telling activities. Whenever I met with any difficulty or the people didn't like to listen, I would become frustrated or despairing, and whenever people showed some agreement, I would become extremely pleased, giving full display to my attachments of zealotry and showing off.

Teacher has told us in "A Heavy Blow" (in Essentials for Further Advancement): "The success of his work is only a manifestation among ordinary humans. It is the mighty power of Dafa itself and the specific arrangements made by my Law Bodies that enable people to obtain the Fa and spread the Fa widely."

In doing Dafa work, if we keep a pure and peacefully benevolent heart and are without the attachment of being afraid of losing things such as the many human notions we have developed in human society, we will be able to do everything well.

The above is my own understanding; please point out anything improper.