(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs recently visited Europe, arriving in Salzburg, Austria on July 9. Dafa practitioners from nearby cities spent the day peacefully appealing in Salzburg.

The first place the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs visited was Palace Mirabell, the mayor's office. The practitioners did meditation, sent forth righteous thoughts and gave out flyers in front of the Palace.

His next stop was the home of Mozart. To keep the visitors from being disturbed, the police blocked off the road to Mozart's house. Thus, the Chinese motorcades had to pass slowly in front of the Dafa practitioners, who were doing meditation. Moreover, in front of the Chinese security guards' cars was a bus that had a poster advertising Falun Dafa on the back. Therefore, all the Chinese officials could see that Falun Gong was being practiced in around the world.