1. The Scope of Jiang's State Terrorism

Jiang uses the entire weight of the totalitarian state to persecute over one hundred million Falun Gong practitioners. Thousands and thousands of practitioners are jailed, beaten and tortured to death. So many families have lost someone to these acts of state terrorism. People have lost their jobs. Children have lost their parents and their education opportunities. They have been deceived by hatred and lies. They have been brainwashed. They have been forced to give up a cultivation practice that enabled them to constantly improve their health and moral character, and be good people in society. The scope of the persecution has spread to central government departments, to cities, and to villages in rural areas. Men and women, old and young, across the entire country have been devastated. Out of his own personal motives, Jiang has used the vast governmental machinery of the entire country to promote state terrorism. He uses unthinkable methods, from the issuance of high-pressure policies, to violent coercion, from spiritual control, to brainwashing, from fabricating lies to outright murder to compel innocent members of his own people to renounce their spiritual belief.

2. The Nature of Jiang's State Terrorism

The goal of Jiang's state terrorism is to destroy the Chinese virtue that has been a traditional value in Chinese culture for thousands of years. He murders Chinese people because of their personal beliefs. He not only annihilates their physical bodies, but also attacks their souls and their spirit. He uses money and power to destroy kindness, justice, and truth. He forces people to betray their own family members to save themselves from his terror. He destroys every quality that makes a society virtuous, peaceful and stable. When the Chinese no longer seek justice, when they no longer have an awareness of the nature of virtue, when they stop feeling compassionate for those who are suffering, then Jiang's state terrorism has succeeded. What righteous and compassionate groups of people would have expected such a day to come?

3. The Subversion of the Nation by Jiang's State Terrorism

Every country has its own national laws, which govern the President and its people, and which guarantee that the nation will not be controlled by a single individual for his own self benefit and narrow selfish purpose. Jiang tramples on China's Constitution and undermines the People's Congress. He places himself above the government and above the law, setting up an extra-governmental apparatus to implement state terrorism -- the "610 Office." He also holds the post of commander-in-chief. Jiang not only violates the Constitution and the law, he goes against the people's will. In order to protect himself and persecute the innocent, he sets up evil laws. When the national machine, the law and political system are reduced to being a puppet of the dictatorship, then state terrorism has prevailed.

4. The Implementation of Jiang's State Terrorism

The subversion of the nation by Jiang is realized through his domination of all of the nation's mechanisms: the Party, the government, foreign affairs, the military, the police, the unions, the youth and women's organizations, businesses, residence organizations, special agents, and the dregs of society that he uses to oppress and persecute innocent people. He has devised an all-inclusive, tightly woven net of terrorism.

All of the organizations at different levels have to follow Jiang's policies of persecution. Anyone who doesn't will lose his job or even be implicated themselves. In this network, there is no place for individual freedom or for people's power. The network itself represents a form of terrorism.

5. Jiang's Propaganda Machine

Another characteristic of Jiang's state terrorism is the use of the national propaganda outlets: radio, TV, film, exhibitions, publications, newspapers, and magazines are all used to spread rumors and fabrications without restraint, to brainwash people, to strangle public opinion, and to muzzle the media in an overwhelming way. China ranks number one in the world in blocking information and strangling human beings' hearts. Jiang started the evil persecution in 1999. The lies and defamations blotted out the sky, filled the earth, and deceived the Chinese people. While the lies can never deceive the international communities that have unimpeded access to the truth, they do deceive the people in China who have no free access to the truth.

In spite of the power of state terrorism, the Chinese people still feel sympathetic toward Falun Gong practitioners. In order to reach his purpose of suppressing Falun Gong, Jiang has no choice but to 1) comprehensively block information, 2) brainwash the Chinese people with his lies, and 3) stir up national sentiment. Jiang staged "the Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident" that shocked the world. While he blocked the truth, he orchestrated the event in an attempt to deceive history and the people, and to fool the world, so as to escalate the persecution. He blocks the Internet by employing Internet police, restricting the Internet cafes, and prohibits the spread of Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials.

6. The Accomplices of Jiang's State Terrorism

The accomplices of Jiang's state terrorism are a group of hack writers and bought and paid for intellectuals who betray their own conscience. They have brought into being the so-called "learned societies, religious societies" with many pseudo-theory, pseudo-science, and borderline notions and knowledge. They have been reduced to being the accomplices of Jiang's state terrorism

While they are ignorant and incompetent, they are good at lying. The false theories and pseudo-science that they have produced are characteristic of Jiang's state terrorism. In such a country where scholarship is in chaos, where injustice is decreed, and where the innocent are oppressed and persecuted, Jiang's state terrorism has become poisonous to the Chinese people.

7. The Financial Means that Jiang's State Terrorism Employs

Jiang's state terrorism uses all of the manpower, financial strength, and technical resources of the Chinese government machines as impetus for Jiang Zemin's personal power and jealousy. He spends tremendous amounts of money to build jails to imprison Falun Gong practitioners. He transforms hotels into brainwashing classes. He turns psychiatric hospitals into houses of persecution. He implements economic oppression and robs Falun Gong practitioners of their means to live. He extorts money from the practitioners' families and implements economic sanctions and fines against Falun Gong practitioners' workplaces. He forces practitioners to give in by denying them and their families even the most basic living standards.

8. The Overseas Implementation of Jiang's State Terrorism

Jiang extends the tentacles of state terrorism across the globe. He uses the "vast Chinese market" as bait to spread the persecution that he uses inside China to the international stage. He collects names for a blacklist and uses it overseas to harass Falun Gong practitioners, to endanger their physical safety and to destroy their property. He tapes their phone conversations, opens their mail, and spreads Internet viruses. He even incites hatred in the overseas Chinese communities. He uses every conceivable means available and is nothing more than a terrorist in a position of great power.

Jiang's state terrorism has resulted in disaster for China. His regime is a public threat to all of mankind. He conceals countless murders and national disasters. Jiang cannot represent China. He cannot represent the Chinese people. Not only the Chinese people but human beings everywhere should condemn him. History will record his reign as the darkest era ever in this human civilization.