At 4 p.m. on August 3, 2002, Falun Gong practitioners of Washington DC held a press conference in front of the Chinese Embassy, calling for Hong Kong authorities to end the "Political Trial" against 16 Falun Gong practitioners.

The organizer read a statement entitled "A Shameful Political Trial" in Chinese. The statement said that in the recent years, the Hong Kong government has surrendered to the pressures from Jiang's regime, betrayed the "One Country, Two Systems" policy, disregarded the principles of Hong Kong's human rights and law system, and moved Jiang's despotic system to Hong Kong. It followed the Jiang regime's order to persecute the innocent Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong and their actions severely hurt Hong Kong's own interest.

On March 14, 2002, four Falun Gong practitioners from Switzerland and 12 from Hong Kong held a peaceful sit-in appeal in front of the Chinese Liaison Office in Hong Kong in order to express disapproval of Chinese President Jiang Zemin's persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. Hong Kong policemen violently took the 16 practitioners into custody. Later, the police filed charges against the practitioners for "obstruction of sidewalk" and "attacking police." From the video footage and the objective data, the "obstruction of sidewalk" and "attacking police" are obviously groundless accusations. But the judge has been biased and protecting the prosecutor. The case is a typical political trail.

The statement also said that if it were not for Jiang Zemin's brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners, there would be no peaceful appeal and protests. The Swiss and Hong Kong practitioners appealed in front of the Chinese Liaison Office in Hong Kong for the Falun Gong practitioners in China who have been cruelly tortured, driven homeless and had families separated. Their peaceful appeal was a just action to protect the belief of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" and human dignity. Their action was unselfish and helped Hong Kong's freedom and prosperity. The true threat to Hong Kong, China, even the world, comes from the political persecution against Falun Gong practitioners.

In the end, the statement called on the judicial departments of the Hong Kong government to uphold justice and treat Falun Gong practitioners fairly.

Another Falun Dafa practitioners read truth clarifying articles related to the political trial.

After the press conference, Falun Gong practitioners did the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy in the rain.