A team in a labor camp of Sichuan province has been named the "demon team." Physical punishment, overworking, deprivation of sleep, binding, beatings, lashings with a baton with spikes and beatings with police batons are all used by this team along with mental torture. The labor camp utilizes a policy of two prisoners watching a single Falun Gong practitioner. Monitoring practitioners' every movement including working, eating, sleeping and using the restroom are commonplace for the "demon team." Practitioners use all kinds of opportunities to clarify the truth to the prisoners. Although police asked the prisoners to not allow practitioners to speak, the practitioners were still able to clarify the truth to the prisoners. Therefore, many prisoners changed their attitudes toward Dafa. Some never heard about Falun Gong before; they started to learn about Falun Gong after they were detained in the labor camp. Some were not friendly at all in the beginning because they had been deceived by the propaganda. After the practitioners clarified the truth to them, they started to view the government-controlled media's rumors differently. When hundreds of them were watching a TV show that was attacking Falun Dafa, they didn't even watch the TV, but chatted on other topics. Actually, many ordinary people have been tired of the boring TV shows and have said, "Why isn't the government tired of this yet? Falun Gong just cultivates Truth, Compassion, Tolerance. Is it worth it to the government to make so much trouble?" No matter how the Jiang regime's slander about Dafa is spread, practitioners' compassion has let many prisoners know that Falun Dafa practitioners are good people. As a result, many prisoners are unwilling to cooperate with the guards' persecution of practitioners.

Therefore, the police often switch out the prisoners that watch practitioners. However, this method doesn't work well, because it makes more people understand the truth and change their attitudes toward Dafa. Some even recite Master's articles. For instance, a prisoner who easily lost his temper became calmer after he recited, "What is Forbearance." He said, "I feel like I don't have a temper any more." Another prisoner exclaimed, "You all said Dafa is good, I will find a copy of Zhuan Falun to take a look at when I'm free. I want to read what this is all about." Another prisoner said, "I will practice Falun Gong after I get out."

There were very few prisoners who were extremely malicious. For example, whenever practitioners clarified the truth to one prisoner, he started to curse Dafa and Master and requested the police to make the practitioners work on a heavy-duty job. Some practitioners then seriously warned him, but the prisoner didn't listen to or believe us. The next day the prisoner was ordered to do hard labor and was attacked by the whole group over a trivial conflict. Afterwards, the prisoner became less belligerent. He said, "If it goes on like this, instead of us converting practitioners, they will convert us."

The labor camp police have quotas to transform practitioners. Whenever a prisoner forces or deceives a practitioner into recanting his belief, they can be rewarded. So the police often require Falun Gong practitioners to write an ideology report every week and a record of how they feel every day. Practitioners are prevented from sleeping and will be punished if they refuse to write the report. However, in the face of reality they have to admit that their attempts are futile.

July 25, 2002