July 26, 2002


1. In a work unit where a former colleague worked, there was this Dafa practitioner who refused to give up the practice. The unit supervisor asked this colleague of mine to send her son to spy on that practitioner. She told him that her son would never get involved in this kind of immoral activity. She told that unit supervisor, "If you want to carry out such a despicable act, you better do that yourself. I won't allow my own kid to do that for you." Later this supervisor asked others to carry out this task, but nobody came forward. Finally that supervisor had no choice but to drop the whole idea.

2. Not only are brainwashing classes designed to torture people mentally and physically, they also intend to financially ruin them. One day in March 2000, I was tricked into attending a brainwashing class in Wuhan City by my local police officers, who were pretending to be carrying out an investigation. Each month I had to pay them 900 Yuan in living expenses. (The average monthly income for urban workers in China is 500 Yuan) The "610 Office" requested my work unit to deduct that amount directly from my salary in order to pay them. The unit secretary told them, "Her salary can only be claimed by her in person. None of us has the right to touch her salary." Thus they refused the request from "610 Office."

3. One day in April 2002, a unit in a labor re-education camp in Sichuan Province held a so-called "Democratic Management Meeting." They asked us to raise our complaints, concerns and suggestions to the authorities. One inmate spoke out, "Let Falun Gong practitioners do the talking. They never lie." Right away quite a few inmates showed their approval. Meanwhile, the associate director took over the conversation, "That is right, you Falun Gong practitioners should speak out. You are always truthful." [People described here consisted of both Falun Gong practitioners and those inmates who monitor and attempt to transform practitioners. They usually assign two inmates for each practitioner and part of their job is to keep practitioners from speaking.]

4. A friend of mine has a strong sense of righteousness. She was clearly aware that the current propaganda by the media was all slander. In order to protect me when I was homeless, she often said to me, "You are welcome to stay at my home. This is your home away from home. I am not scared of anything. This kind of wrongful accusation will be redressed." One day she met a friend in a restaurant. The TV in the restaurant was broadcasting some piece of false propaganda. Her friend told her, "They're all lies." She was quite surprised since she had never discussed with her friend about Falun Gong. After she came back she told me, "The propaganda is getting worse everyday. The more they talk, the more people know that they are phony. There is no doubt that Falun Gong will be redressed."