(Clearwisdom.net) In September 2000, the second division of Daqing City Forced Labor Camp tortured Dafa practitioner Wang Bing to death. Recently, using means of cruel torture, they crippled the right arm of practitioner Sui Honghai.

Sui Honghai, a native of Zhaodong Township, Zhaodong County, Heilongjiang Province, was illegally detained in the second division of Daqing City Forced Labor Camp because of practicing Dafa. Division Chief Wang Zhonghe, and prison guards Wang Gang, Wang Xichun and Zhang Mingzhu tried to force Sui Honghai to write a guarantee letter [signing a document to promise not to practice Falun Dafa], however, the request was refused.

Wang Zhonghe then instructed the three guards mentioned above to torture Sui Honghai using a cruel method called "tying with thin rope." Twenty minutes later, the rope had dug deep into Sui Honghai's flesh. An eyewitness noticed that Sui Honghai was very pale and in a dangerous condition and reported the situation. In order to cover up their crime, the guards removed the eyewitness. By this time, Sui Honghai was unconscious and was sent to the labor camp clinic. Later he was sent to a hospital due to his severe injuries and because the bone in his right arm was found to be broken (the rope had cut into his arm and fractured the bone). Twenty days later, Sui Honghai was escorted back into the labor camp with a steel plate in his arm. He would need to have a second surgery due to the severe injury. Currently his arm has totally lost mobility.