[Editors' note: Throughout history, the theme that a nation's fate is closely tied to the virtue of its leaders and people has been prevalent in both Chinese and Western culture and lore. Many wise, virtuous rulers have led their nations to peace and prosperity, while conversely, moral decay in high places has led to the downfall of great empires. These articles are meant to serve as a reminder and wake-up call for those who are leading or participating in large-scale acts of violence and injustice. As Teacher Li Hongzhi said in Essentials for Further Advancement, "When people do not have virtue, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound."]

According to a news report from Tianfu Herald, on July 30, 2002, a heavy regional rainstorm in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, caused many parts of the downtown area to be flooded with water.

1.8-meter high water threatens to cover the windows of the busA car struggles in the flooded street

On July 30, the heaviest rainstorm swept Chengdu. By 2:00 p.m., rainfall in the downtown area had amounted to 138 mm. Ten counties and cities in the Chengdu area were also affected. The rainfall in seven counties reached over 100 mm, and in Wenjiang area, the rainfall amounted to 150 mm.

Underpass floods, buses break down

On the morning of July 30, at 3:00 a.m., a sudden torrential rain caused the low-lying Wufuqiao underpass to be flooded with water, and massive amounts of sewage poured out in torrents from nearby drainpipes. By 8:00 a.m., the water level had reached 1.8 meters. It became a sea of water, and many small vehicles had to detour. Four buses broke down in the flood.

Over 20 passengers stranded on the buses dared not try to walk to the shore as they had no idea how deep the floodwater was.

Over ten thousand vehicle stranded in the rain

On the morning of July 30, at 4:00 a.m., the sudden rainstorm caused the river to rise, submerging the road with floodwater and stranding over ten thousand vehicles. Over a thousand police were urgently dispatched from the city public security department, traffic administrative bureau and police branches to get through the blocked streets and conduct necessary rescue work. Floodwater entered over 80 households located in the low-lying west corner of the city, and the water level was as high as people's waist. Residents were anxious and worried.

Around 9:40 a.m., reporters rushed to the passageway under the Sima Bridge, which had been inundated. One bus had been broken down there for a long time, and over 20 passengers called for help from the bus windows. The rain kept coming and the floodwater was approaching the edge of windows. The passengers were seized with panic. People on the bridge kept calling for police. One eyewitness said that the passengers had been stranded in the bus for more than one hour.