[Editor's note: Due to the Jiang regime's brainwashing, many Chinese people have prejudice towards Falun Gong. If the covers of VCDs indicate they contain Falun Gong material, some may not want to watch them. However, the statistics show that after watching the truth-clarifying VCD that contains the deconstruction of the Tiananmen "self-immolation" video, almost every single person completely changed their attitude towards Dafa and the persecution. Thus, practitioners have been creatively using poetic language, as below.]

(Clearwisdom.net) Below are color and black-white truth-Clarifying CD covers we designed. Fellow practitioners could choose either color or black-white versions to print. (Note, included in the brackets are the texts on the covers for fellow practitioners' references)

Color version

Happy Mid-Autumn

(Same moonlight shines upon us,

You and I encounter different fortunes,

I ask you with a whisper, do you know this?

Please read it carefully.)

Whispering in autumn

(We went by the poetic spring,

We went across the passionate summer,

I'd like to invite you to sit by my side,

Listening to me telling the story of autumn.)

Calling from your beloved


(Millions years of waiting,

Millions years of expecting,

My dear friend, do you still remember your solemn oath over that time?

Do you still recall your beloved ones' calling?)

Warm blessing


(Dear friend,

Are you still busy?

Please make some time to take a look,

It will be good for you. )

Black and white version:


Bamboo's charm with a reflection from the moon. (Bamboo) Delicate fragrance from blossom of plum (Plum)