Several months before, an old friend of mine that I have not seen for seven years heard that I was still practicing Falun Gong. He was so concerned that he immediately tried to persuade me to give up the practice. As it was inconvenient to discuss this over the phone, I stopped our conversation. Yesterday, he came back to our hometown from thousands of kilometers away. When he got off the train, many people went to pick him up, so we didn't have a chance to talk. I quietly left him a letter to clarify the truth of Falun Gong and my personal experience in cultivating Dafa.

On the next morning, I went to visit him. Before I talked with him for long, he immediately said, "I heard that you practice Falun Gong. I was almost frightened to death. Therefore I prepared many things to say to you. I wanted to talk with you right away when I saw you yesterday and ask you not to practice any more. But when I turned around I found that you had left. It couldn't be helped so I opened your letter and read it many times. I didn't even sleep last night. Now I only want to say two things to you: 1. Looking at your state, I am not only at ease now, but also feel extremely happy. There is really a world of difference from what I have imagined! 2. Master Li's words that you quoted in your letter are truly great. How can I get Master Li's original book right now? ..." A pre-destined person who is so eager to understand the truth of Dafa! I could not stop my tears of joy.