(Clearwisdom.net) Around 8:00 p.m. on September 6, 2002, two policemen, with the excuse of wanting to pay me a visit, tricked me into opening the door. Later, a leader from the national security team of the city police department, together with many ruffians, forcibly put me into a police car.

That night I was taken to a makeshift detention center where they took turns interrogating me and did not allow me to sleep. I knew that it was the evil forces that were manipulating them, so I firmly resisted their persecution and kept clarifying the truth to them. The team leader shouted while banging on the table, "I don't want to listen to you. You are destined to go to a forced labor camp. It is you who made your family and children suffer." I told him, "It was you who illegally arrested me and will not allow me to take care of my family and children. Go and visit with the local people, and you will find that all Falun Gong practitioners are kind people." Hearing what I had said, he was lost for words and walked away in a dejected manner. I kept clarifying the truth to the policeman who had knocked on my door earlier, hoping that he would leave a way out, open for his future. He did not say anything, but kept writing his name and "Goodness and evil have their due rewards" on the paper. I realized that it must be the righteous thoughts in other dimension taking effect.

The next day they didn't allow me to eat. A deputy team leader shamelessly said, "Look, we didn't touch you, we didn't even lay a finger on you. We are so kind to you." I answered, "You do not allow me to eat and sleep, and have deprived me of the basic rights to live. What is the difference between you and those murderers who kill by subtle means!" Around 4:00 p.m., the evil police asked me to sign a "confession." I refused. They said that even without my signature I would still be detained. I began to practice the exercises soon after I was sent to a jail. The guards didn't allow me to practice and instigated other criminals to twist my arms. Some individual guards at the detention center kept exerting pressure on criminals [to beat practitioners]. Sometimes I could hear painful groaning and moaning from neighboring cells. I knew that the situation here was very dangerous, but I was determined to rectify the situation. I knew that righteous thoughts and righteous deeds were the keys.

The next day was Sunday. I clarified the truth to the criminals. Shortly after, their attitude changed a lot. On Monday, I took the initiative to talk to a guard. I said to her, "Jiang Zemin and his gang are so evil that they simply wouldn't let us live a normal life. You know that all our practitioners are kind people." I kept telling her the facts about the change to my health, the harmony of my family and the elevation of my mind after I took up the practice. I sincerely told her, "Falun Dafa is the real, universal Dafa and is truly saving sentient beings. I hope you can differentiate between goodness and evil, using your abilities to help Dafa practitioners. This is also boundlessly beneficial." I talked with her for a whole morning. Her heart was shaken. Later, the environment in the cell improved a lot, and all inmates were happy to help me. Some asked to do the exercises and recite the scriptures with me. I felt deeply that Dafa is incomparably powerful and omnipotent.

After about 10 days, I suddenly felt uncomfortable. A new supervisor took charge of the cell, and there was no food for me at mealtimes. So from that day on, I went on a hunger strike. That same day, that evil police officer from the national security team came over and ordered me to sign various documents. I refused.

On Wednesday morning they sent me to the hospital for examination. I was diagnosed to have a tear in my rectum, and an operation was needed right away. The guard I had talked to earlier was crying and consoled me that everything would be fine, and the forced labor camp would not accept me. Her awakening moved me. I had a dream of going home that evening. I knew that Master had arranged everything for me.

Several days later, a verdict that sentenced me to two years' stay in a forced labor camp arrived. Some criminals in my cell cried and asked why they put a dying person into a forced labor camp. I told them not to worry about me and that the conspiracy would not succeed. About three days later, I suddenly felt like vomiting, and my whole body began to stiffen up, like a dead body. My cellmates burst into tears, they screamed and reported this to the head of the center. The head immediately sent me to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, a paragraph from "Path" came to my mind, "Cultivation is hard. It's hard in that even when a terrible calamity strikes, even when the evil madly persecutes, and even when your life is at stake, you still have to be able to steadfastly continue on your path of cultivation without letting anything in human society interfere with the steps you take on your path of cultivation." Three days later, I was released unconditionally.