On March 14, 2002, 4 Swiss practitioners held a peaceful protest against Jiang Zemin's order to "Kill without Pardon" outside the Chinese Liaison Office in Hong Kong after their visas to enter China were cancelled. Twelve Hong Kong practitioners joined their peaceful protest. Soon they were arrested forcibly and accused of "attacking police" and "obstructing traffic."

This video provides an analysis of some sections of the videos that police used as key evidence to prosecute Falun Gong practitioners. The first scene was about "biting police" on the bus. The policewoman accused a practitioner of biting her on the arm. The video clearly shows that while the policewoman was grabbing another practitioner by her neck, Lu Jie, with both of her arms restrained, used her chin to press the policewoman's arm as an indication to her to release her hand from the other practitioner's neck. The video clearly shows that Lu Jie's mouth never touched the policewoman, that only her chin touched the outside of the policewoman's arm and never touched the inside of her arm, as the policewoman claimed. Also, the policewoman later on could not indicate where she was hurt during a medical examination.

The second part of the video is the evidence police used to accuse Mrs. Liu Yuling of grabbing a policewoman's neck. The video showed that a dozen or so police carried Mrs. Liu by her arms and body. Occasionally, her hand was free and to keep her balance, she grabbed a policewoman's clothing. The policewoman claimed she was attacked but could not identify which arm was hurt, nor did a medical exam reveal any wounds. The video the prosecutor used in his accusations do not show any sign of the attack.

The magistrate presiding over this case claimed that the evidence provided by Hong Kong police was trustworthy. In fact, his conduct and the whole proceedings of this case were not unlike the show trials Falun Gong practitioners experience in China.

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