More than ten Dafa practitioners were illegally detained at the Xidayingzi Forced Labor Camp, located west of Chaoyang city. The following is an account of just some of the brutalities inflicted upon Dafa practitioners. A male practitioner, a resident of Lingyuan province, was severely tortured. He received shocks from six electric batons simultaneously and became unconscious twice. His head, face, and body were covered with bruises. The police guard would not stop torturing him even after he received a long, deep cut on his body.

A male practitioner, about 30 years old, was sentenced for 3 years because he had three truth clarification CDs and 7 pages of truth clarification materials in his possession. On June 29, 2002, at 10:30 AM, the labor camp held a so-called rally, hosted by Jin, the president of the labor camp. The purpose of this rally was to attack those Falun Gong practitioners who went on hunger strike. These practitioners were Wang Juan, Han Ximin, Han Xiao, Meng Zhaokui, Duan Wenxiang, and Xia Fengyu. After the rally, Du from the management department, Wang Wenjie, Wan Bo from the second police team, He Jun, and Teng Shuxin used electric batons to shock these practitioners on their sensitive areas such as their faces, arches of their feet, necks, and armpits. The practitioners' conditions after this abuse were too ghastly to look at.

They also instigated the guards, Wei Quozhu, TaoYongli, and Song Qing to beat Falun Gong practitioners. Before this, the chief of the police team, Yu Zhentao, had beat practitioner Zhang Litian; vice-chief, Li Fuxin, had beat practitioner Pei Cheng. They also put practitioners Zhang Litian and Yan Zhanliang into solitary confinement for a long period of time. The prison terms of those practitioners who went on hunger strike were extended. The days they passed on their hunger strike were not counted as time served for their prison terms. Practitioners Duan Wenxiang, Yu Lianfang and Zhang Guofa were also sent to other forced labor camps for further torture. All Dafa practitioners there have been tortured by police. We appeal to international organizations to pay attention to the situation of these benevolent Dafa practitioners.