(Clearwisdom.net) For the last ten days of July 1999, the "Eastern Vehicle Section" of the Jinzhou Railroad Substation conducted a brainwashing session for Falun Gong practitioners Wang Zhigang, Miao Jianguo, Wang Yinghua, Song Xuefeng, Wang Zhibin, Ge Chunling, Wang Zhongli and Yuan Kanan. Practitioners received 100 Yuan (Chinese currency; 1 Yuan equals approximately US $.12) for living expenses. Originally their salaries were around 1000 Yuan per month. Some of their salaries were reduced for nearly half a year.

In May of 2000, Falun Gong practitioner Ge Chunling went to Beijing to validate Fa, and was subsequently sentenced to one and a half years in a forced labor camp. While she was in the forced labor camp, her work contract was annulled. After she was released, secretary Li Jingfa demanded Ge sign the guarantee letter (promising not to practice Falun Dafa) otherwise she could not resume her job.

In the end of June 2000, the "Eastern Vehicle Section" fired Wang Yinghua and Wang Zhigang because they refused to participate in a pictorial exhibit that slandered Dafa. Lawless government officials issued the practitioners only 100 Yuan living expenses for nearly half a year if they refused to deny Falun Dafa. Falun Gong practitioners Yuan Kanan, Sheng Suli and Wang Yinghua were illegally sent to a forced labor camp.

Practitioner Miao Jiang Guo was kidnapped and sent to a brainwashing class by his work unit. Falun Gong practitioner Wang Zhibin was forced to leave his home and became destitute and homeless. Around mid July, Miao Jiang Guo was again kidnapped and sent to a brainwashing class and later to a detention center.

List of ruffians who committed the above crimes:

Original Eastern Vehicle Section Secretary: Xiao Xinghong

Current Eastern Vehicle Section Secretary: Li Jingfa; Telephone: 0416-2552494 (Office), 0416-2552220 (Home)

Eastern Vehicle Section Director: Nie Xing; Telephone: 0416-2552414 (Office)

Eastern Vehicle Section Security Captain: Pang Qiang

Eastern Vehicle Discipline Committee Secretary; Liu Wenjie

Aug 18, 2002