University of Guangzhou teacher, Li Xiaojin was abducted at the end of June 2002 and taken to the brainwashing class of Guangzhou City's Huangpu Drug Rehabilitation Center. She died the next day under unclear circumstances.

Li Xiaojin, female, around 30 years of age, was a teacher at the University of Guangzhou. On the night of June 27, 2002, she was forcefully taken to the brainwashing class by several thugs. Half an hour after supper on the following day (around 6 PM), an ambulance suddenly came to the Drug Rehabilitation Center. Many police officers also arrived at the brainwashing class. They dispatched all Dafa practitioners to a meeting room in the brainwashing center to watch television there, forbidding anyone from leaving the room. Next, they blocked the entrance to the room where Li Xiaojin was staying and took photos inside the room. The ambulance did not leave until after 7PM and the police left after 11PM. The practitioners who stayed in the room next to Li Xiaojin were also dispatched somewhere else. A few days later, the head of the local "610 office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] told several practitioners that Li Xiaojin had already died. Because the Dafa practitioners held in the brainwashing center are isolated from each other in separate rooms, with both outside communication and communication between practitioners prohibited, little is known about how Li Xiaojin was persecuted and how she died. It is hoped that anybody who knows how Li Xiaojin died will provide some details about her death. It is also hoped that her family, without any fear of the authority's ferocity, will stand up for justice by disclosing the facts about the persecution of Li Xiaojin and calling for justice on her behalf. We also hope that the world's human rights organizations can independently help investigate this case and put an end to the evil persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang's regime.

Major people in Guangzhou who are responsible for the crimes committed against Falun Gong:

The City of Guangzhou government:
Zeng Qingshen Ph: 83116862, 83116497 (Home)
Shi Anhai Ph: 83116051, 87765678 (Home)

The Political and Judiciary Committee of Guangzhou City:
Office of the Committee Ph: 83116507 and 83104621
Chen Weilin (Secretary of the Committee) Ph: 83350231 (Home)
The Secretary's office Ph: 83104601
Office for Research Ph: 83116508 and 83104646
Office for Comprehensive Control Ph: 83104647
Xie Zhifeng Ph: 81886196 (Home)
Rong Xiaoli Ph: 81866482 (Home)

The Political and Judiciary Committee, Police Headquarters of Guangzhou City:
Zheng Guoqiang (Secretary of the Committee) Ph: 83116001 (Work), 83118001 (Home)

The Police Department of Dongshang District, Director's Office:
Wu Yusheng Ph: 83117008 (Work), 87755465 (Home)
Liang Jiantang Ph: 83117002 (Work), 87777976 (Home)
The Political Security Section: Chen Changjiang Ph: 83117051, 83117016, 87765379

The Police Department of Yuxiu District:
The Director of the Dept. Ph: 83310331 (Work), 85515018 (Home)
The Political Security Section Ph: 83116586, 83332575, 83118904

The Police Department of Haizhu District:
Department Office Ph: 8443926
Some home numbers Ph: 84420209, 83117701, 83117702, 84392138
Office of the Director of the Political Security Section Ph: 83117717, 84447315

The Police Department of Liwan District:
Office Ph: 83117301
Director Ph: 81922233 (Work), 81812280 (Home)
Deputy Director Ph: 83117302 (Work), 81922333 (Home)
The Political Security Section Ph: 83116636, 81814818

The District of Tianhe:
Cao Jianliao Ph: 38622288 (Work), 87505368 (Home), 13902254321 (Cell)
Chen Xiaogang Ph: 85555668-2902 (Work), 83102239 (Home)
Huang Xiaozhong Ph: 85555668-1403 (Work), 83555959 (Home)
Wang Xudong Ph: 85555668-2811 (Work), 87586728 (Home)
Ge Weiping Ph: 85555668-1402 (Work), 83593019 (Home)
Feng Jiafu Ph: 85555668-1416 (Work), 83303559 (Home)
Jing Xiaoning Ph: 85555668-1418 (Work), 87538038 (Home)
Ye Shugen Ph: 85555668-1413 (Work), 83581427 (Home)
Jiang Pujian Ph: 85555668-1412 (Work). 38896195 (Home)
Liang Fuxin Ph: 85555668-7508 (Work), 87625236 (Home)
Hu Zhongyu Ph: 85555668-7509 (Work)
Peng Yilin, Director of the Police Department of Tianhe District
Ph: 87502777 (Work), 85513381 (Home)
Fu Hushang Ph: 87502766 (Work), 85517229 (Home)
Luo Jingqing Ph: 85517109, 87503092
Zhang Fuwu Ph: 83115005, 85511333
Fan Chunrong Ph: 83115008, 87501929
Wei Suxin Ph: 83115009, 85513609
Hang Liping Ph: 83115222, 85510793
The Political Security Section Ph: 87502753