(Clearwisdom.net) A few days ago the Wanjia Labour Camp set up a so-called "Team of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Training" in the No. 7 Brigade. The head of Administrative Section, a male policeman named Zhao, and several other female prison guards were placed in charge of the team. They used handcuffs, iron chairs and instruments of torture to try to force the newly kidnapped Falun Dafa practitioners to make a statement against their will that they would give up their belief. We could hear the blood-curdling screams. In recent days we can often hear male policemen using bad language against practitioners and the sound of faces being slapped. Those who were involved in beating practitioners included Chen Jie, Liu Hongyu, Cai Zhihong and others.

More than one month ago, the policemen of the Administrative Section tied up practitioners and hung them up. Practitioners tortured like this included Shang Yuqiu and Wang Liyan from Harbin, who had been on hunger strike in the hospital for several months. Recently, the policemen used these methods to torture the newly kidnapped Falun Dafa practitioners.

The prison policemen used all sorts of instruments to torture the newly arrived Falun Dafa practitioners, and they also started a new round of torture against those existing practitioners who refused to be brainwashed. Each of the six classes of the No. 7 Brigade had a male policeman who made sure the Falun Dafa practitioners were being worked to exhaustion, and who also forced the practitioners to march in column formations. This has been going on for about two months now. Falun Dafa practitioners are extensively resisting the persecution by the policemen. This "Team of Practitioners in Training" is actually a disguised cell for punishment. The practitioners in the team are under surveillance day and night, and they have no freedom whatsoever. They are not allowed to contact outsiders. To make the situation even worse, the labor camp has increased the number of male policemen and more and more practitioners are being placed in the "cell for punishment." Policeman Zhang Bo threatened publicly, "If you don't do your work I will send you to the "cell of punishment. I'm capable of doing anything when I become upset."

We appeal to the entire society to pay close attention to the persecution in Wanjia Labour Camp.

The list of perpetrators:

Heads of the labor camp: Lu Zhenshan and Shi Yingbai
Heads of the No. 7 Brigade: Zhang Bo, Qi Fenglin and Chang Shumei
Policewomen: Liu Ying, Meng Xiyangling, Yang Guohong, Zhou Lifan and Zhao Yanmei
Administrative Section: Liu Lun, Section Leader Zhao and Section Leader Liang and several other male officials
Policewomen: Jia Chunyan, Hou Damei, Zhou Muqi, Wu Bo, Le Fengrong and Zhang Dianyun