Dear People of Hong Kong,

We are Falun Dafa practitioners in Mainland China. Recently, we learned from the Internet that practitioners in Hong Kong were groundlessly accused of "obstructing traffic" and "attacking police officers" by the Hong Kong authorities (actually, Jiang's political gang was behind it) because of their peaceful appeal for the end of Jiang's persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in Mainland China.

We want to tell the people of Hong Kong that persecuting Falun Gong practitioners and slandering the founder of Falun Gong have severely violated the Chinese constitution and International Human Rights Treaties. The groundless accusations of Jiang's political gang severely violate the policy of "one country, two systems," and it is a dark page in human history.

What the 16 practitioners from Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Switzerland did was to righteously support those practitioners in Mainland China who have been tortured to death, illegally detained, forced to attend brainwashing classes, and forced to become destitute, homeless and separated from their families. Their activity was to peacefully appeal and clarify the truth. The accusations of "obstructing traffic" and "attacking the police" are utterly without merit.

Falun Dafa is completely open to the public. In Mainland China, many people are illegally deprived of their right to know the truth. Our Internet websites are blocked. Propaganda is being used as a political tool. Slander and unfounded rumors are spread without discretion. However, the evildoers will meet with retribution. This persecution of millions of kind people has brought increasingly severe disasters to the Chinese people. Now, this vicious hand from behind the scenes is extending into Hong Kong. People of Hong Kong, please be alert!

We hope everyone in Hong Kong will hear our voice and make a clear distinction between right and wrong, and make the right decision.